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    Mk1 or Mk2 Suzuki Swift GA, GT or GTi

    Hey guys, my name is John. I had a 1994 Suzuki Swift GA for some time and loved it! I had to part with that car because I went into rehab and had nowhere to store it. I just finished the 13-month rehab program and really want to own a Swift again! I am in the market for a Mk1 / Mk2 Suzuki...
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    700 HP Suzuki Swift

    Check this video out of a Suzuki Swift powered by two G13B engines producing a total of approximately 700Hp!! :shock:
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    Will this fit in a 1994 GA Swift?

    Hey guys, I found this performance air filter online for 1994 Suzuki Swift, but it says it's only for the GTi model. Does anyone know if this would fit in the stock air intake system?
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    LED Headlights

    I believe they are fan cooled. But I haven't had a problem so far with my radio or electronics, though I literally just installed them. I do, however only use one station through my stereo and hook that station up to my bluetooth 12V receiver so I can listen to music and podcasts through my...
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    LED Headlights

    I don't know about y'all but LED headlights are a must for using these Georgia roads at night. I just got these in yesterday from Ebay and I'm really impressed with the output! The best part is they only set me back $16 :lol...
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    Not Really a New Member, BUT New Swift Owner!!

    Hey Y'all, My name is John and I currently live about 25 miles north of Atlanta in Georgia. I found through the Geo Metro Forum. I recently just bought myself a 1994 Suzuki Swift in Omaha, NE. I drove it a little under 1,000 miles home and only spent $45 on gas!! Anyways enough...
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    140 whp Suzuki Swift

    Hey everyone, Check out this video and let me know what you think about this Swift... :o