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  1. macuserman

    Glad you made it here!

    Glad you made it here!
  2. macuserman

    RHB32 rebuild kit

    Yeah and I sorta feel that the original turbos for these are just a non starter at this point, no good way to rebuild and so these turbo engines are pretty much doa unless your willing to put in the work to get it to work with a different turbo, and my understanding there is that there isn't a...
  3. macuserman

    G10T Performance Mod

    He is on the forum he goes by @suprf1y he still does some occasional cam work.
  4. macuserman

    Forum Software Change!

    Of course! Good to see you back on the forum BTW! I'll be doing this for as long as I can, I just dropped a good chunk of change on the next 3 years of hosting in fact, as well as the new forum software so I'm still dedicated, just have a lot of other life stuff going on, but I am doing my best...
  5. macuserman

    Forum Software Change!

    I am still cleaning things up so please be patient with me on that part.
  6. macuserman

    Forum Software Change!

    We now have room here for photo albums, at the top on the media tab you can go and make albums for your various cars. :) Thanks! I hope everyone will adjust easily to the new setup, it's a huge leap forward for the site. There a lot of things you can do now that I was never able to implement on...
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  10. Lil Red

    Lil Red

    Pictures of my 89 GTi
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  12. macuserman

    Forum Software Change!

    I hope you like it! Please let me know any thoughts I'm still tinkering with things and changing stuff.
  13. macuserman

    92 Black GT

    Bummer to hear you got sabotaged like that! That's a particularly evil way to mess with someone!
  14. macuserman

    Forum Software Change!

    Alright guys! So I took the plunge and moved us over to the new software, we are now running on it! I have not had time to do much more than import the old data so I'll work on the theme and other things over time. However, I just wanted to let you know that the change was made which is why...
  15. macuserman

    93 GT for $4200 in Florida

    This car looks to be in very nice condition.
  16. macuserman


    I've noticed that lately there have been a lot more spam posts than usual despite any attempts I have mad to block them and add additional security. At this point I'm a bit frustrated with the way that has gone. I greatly appreciate how much everyone has helped with that mods for taking action...
  17. macuserman

    ISO SPAM Help on The Site

    Hi Everyone, So I'm in need of one or two regulars to the site who are willing to help stamp out spam, that's the entire job description there is no real need to moderate the site here etc because we are all big boys and girls and play nice of our own accord for the most part. However, the...
  18. macuserman

    Suzuki Sport Horn Buttons

    Any interest in some replica Suzuki Sport horn buttons in this style? I'm about to have some made up, message me if your interested in getting one. Will be around $85 plus shipping to wherever you are, just let me know I'm having them made up for myself in the next couple days. These should fit...
  19. macuserman

    Increased Forum Spam

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to say that you may see some increased spam activity, this is intentional oddly enough so don't worry. The deal is that I have been manually approving each and every member and it has developed a massive backlog and it is very difficult to sort through to determine...
  20. macuserman

    Turbo Sprint For Sale In Atlanta

    This thing looks super super nice compared to how trashed these usually are. Sure wish I had the dough to pick it up right now, but that's just not in the cards, and I won't insult the seller with a lowball offer. Anyhow check it out!