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  1. blinkryba

    Cruise weekend saskatoon

    Hi, my club Suzuki swift life Canada is participating in cruise weekend saskatoon this year august 21st, we are looking for some rides to join us. Anyone in the Alberta/Saskatchewan area wanting to show off their ride in downtown saskatoon august 21st. Please email me at...
  2. blinkryba

    does anyone know where "Fyredaug" 's posts are?

    before this website started up i know we lost alot of information but is there a chance we might be able to get some threads back that were from the author fyredaug? unfortunantly he isnt with us anymore and he had alot of information about alot of things one including the car i aquired from...
  3. blinkryba


    wanting to buy some ARP headstuds for the g10 motor i am building. i found some on a website i am unfamiliar with, is the link to the actual item. i am located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, we do have a dealer...