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    Geo's in the Red Woods. Small cars in the Big Trees.

    OK guys, there has not been a gathering of Metro/Swift owners in the West for way to long. I am putting together an event. I don't have all the details worked out. But have the bulk of the plan worked out. This event is a 1 day meet up, and cruise. We will meet up in Cresent City, CA in...
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    T3 exhaust manifold starting place.

    Hey guys I have a CA emissions 3 cyl manifold that would make a great starting place for someone looking to build a turbo manifold for the 3 cyl G10 engines. It has a 3 bolt pattern on the bottom side you can use as a start. It also has a built in 02 sensor. This will make it much easier for...
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    7 spoke aluminum mag GT wheels.

    Hey guys I am looking for a good set of the factory 7 spoke 14" aluminum wheels. Willing to ship pretty much from anywhere in N America. Let me know. Murf
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    Official 13th Annual GeoPalooza 8/7 to 8/9 2020

    Hey guys over at GMF the Mullet (Fear the Mullet) has posted up the details for the 13th Geo Metro Palooza. I plan on making the drive once again. Its 2700 miles for me, each way. Here is a link to the event. Hope to see you there. Murf...
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    Cultus piston for G10 NA engine

    Hey guys I am looking for a source for Cultus pistons for my NA G10. Going to go .040" over stock bore. This is for my DD. Going to build this engine just a bit nicer than the last one. I try to do this each time. Thanks Murf
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    Jay Leno checking out a Swift

    Back in 2014 the guys from the old TeamSwift held a meet up in SoCal. Jay Leno came over and checked out the rides. Well someone snapped a picture of it. I saved it. Lets see if I can figure out how to post it here????
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    Ariticle on how to make handling upgrades to a GT

    Hey guys a few weeks back there was a thread on here about performance upgrades to the GT from Whiteline parts. Any idea where it got off to? I had suggested that it might be cool to pin it so we can find it easier. Any help? Thanks Murf
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    Unicornicopia @ Maple Leaf 2019

    Hey guys I am posting this over here from GMF. It looks like a great time. I am gonna try to be there. It will be a hard drive from the NorCal coast, in the time I have get. I hope to see everyone there. I am not the host. All questions should be directed to the OP on original post...
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    89 GTi front brake assemblies

    Hey guys I have a complete set of GT front disk brake assemblies for sale. With almost no rust on them. Spindles, rotors, calipers and knuckles complete. Used. $350 + shipping. Keep in mind the box weighs 60 lbs and is going to cost somewhere near $100+ for shipping. Serious inquiries only...
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    89 GTi junk yard find.

    Hey guys I found a junk yard 89GTi in Farmington NM. They did not know they had it. Selling parts fairly cheap. I picked up the front and rear disk brake assy, and the tail lights. There is no engine. But the 5 spd is there hanging on the mounts. Its faded red. The split seat rear upper is good...
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    Murf's new ride. 97 Metro

    Hey guys I have been looking for a newer than mine Metro 3/5. Something with a lot fewer miles that 344k miles. Not klicks. I have been thru the engine and trans and brake systems. In fact I just upgraded my front brakes on my 94 to vert brakes. No more solid rotors. I saw this ad for a 98...
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    GT rear brake calipers

    Hey guys I am doing a rear brake upgrade on my 94 Metro base model. I have all the parts but the calipers. Mine are junk. Let me know here or in a PM. Thank you in advance. Murf
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    How to change my avatar?

    Hey guys how do I change it out? I want to run the classic pic of Oddball from Kellys heros.
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    Hey guys does anybody know how to get a hold of our friend from NZ Dattman? I am in need of his knowledge of Posi's and LSD's for our cars. If anyone is in contact with him. Send me a PM so I can give you my email to pass along to him.. Thank you in advance. Murf
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    Geo Metro Palooza 2018

    Hey guys its that time of year again. Yep you guess it. Geo Metro Palooza 2018 in NE Ohio at the Mullets. Here is a link to the detail. I know most of you also belong to GMF, but you never know. I am going again. Distance is no reason for not being...
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    Geo Metro at Bonneville

    Hey guys here is a my build thread for years ago to take a NA Metro G10 car to Bonneville. My life has changed drastically in the years since then. My health and wealth have suffered. But it was a lot of fun to do, and got a lot of help from our friend at TS, GMF, and more recently here...
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    Geo' on the Gulf 2018

    Hey guys, I know most of your belong to the and know about the upcoming Geo's on the Gulf. Its a lot of fun. Its coming up in late April. Here is a link the the event at GMF. There is a lot of great trading of hard to find Metro...
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    Murf checking in.

    Hey guys. Hope your new site takes off.