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  1. Swifterthanu

    US bearing manufacturers?

    I don't know how all members feel but I won't put anything made in China on my cars if I can help it. Does anyone know of any US made wheel bearings for the Mk4/5? If you do know please post the part #'s here.
  2. Swifterthanu

    Brain fart

    Where are the archived TS files?
  3. Swifterthanu

    VW Up GTi vs Suzuki Swift Sport
  4. Swifterthanu

    Other Swift sites..........

    As this site grows it might be well to mention that there are other sites throughout the world that a lot of TeamSwift members lurked on. I for one hang out on RedlineGTi quite often. I have been able to source parts throughout the world, new and used for my GTi's. These sites also provide...
  5. Swifterthanu

    Buy the Metro now
  6. Swifterthanu

    Suzuki-ish-ing Pictures

    Bought sight unseen, while in Iraq, from a guy in Portland. The wife hated it and then gave me the ultimatum, got rid of the car first, then her. Should have been the other way around...
  7. Swifterthanu

    Suzuki-ish-ing Pictures

    Wow, I remember this day. I paid the staff at the Hilton (Sea-Tac) $100 for the night to watch truck and trailer in their parking lot whilst I waited to deliver the cargo to Scotty. Fun trip across the sound too.
  8. Swifterthanu

    MkV Body kit

    So I am embarking on doing a subtle wide body type kit on my Mk5. I have taken what's been thrown around on TS and other sites to be dangerous enough to try it. Wish me luck...
  9. Swifterthanu


    Mike? Where are you? Please do a data transfer from that brain of yours to here.
  10. Swifterthanu

    1999 Suzuki Cultus Sport (DCPTR)

    So in this pic at the top you can see where I cut the top of the Hyundai bumper... Then I went and pulled out some 1/4" MDF and started to line out a splitter. I like the look of the Bumper upper portion being used as a Lower lip which in turn will sit on the Splitter. What do you guys think?
  11. Swifterthanu

    1999 Suzuki Cultus Sport (DCPTR)

    Shoes... Rims are dirty Nitto... Plastics include new seat rail covers and bolt head covers (Esteem), New gear shifter knob and boot, Door cards are NOS brokered through Leskovar Suzuki
  12. Swifterthanu

    1999 Suzuki Cultus Sport (DCPTR)

    Now the goodies so far... DECEPTOR The bumpers that are being utilized to make one... more goodies...
  13. Swifterthanu

    1999 Suzuki Cultus Sport (DCPTR)

    She's dirty...
  14. Swifterthanu

    1999 Suzuki Cultus Sport (DCPTR)

    Mind you all she is a dirty car...
  15. Swifterthanu

    ISO 89 GTi Centered Rear Photo

    I have a set of NEW OEM decals and they are silver, the inside of the 1.3 GT is filled in black. The only different thing is that the lawsuit prevented the replacement decals to have the red "i"
  16. Swifterthanu

    1999 Suzuki Cultus Sport (DCPTR)

    I guess I will be starting a build thread on my '99 Swift to fill in the time whilst I wait for covered shop time. I have a '99 Swift that I will be building up. With the loss of TS I lost some of the threads that supported hot rodding the 1.3 16V. I will be posting pics of what I will be...
  17. Swifterthanu

    Mk4/5 Flares?

    I seem to remember a fellow who had done some type of fender flaring for his '98. I am toying around with a new Hyundai bumper and have began to fiberglass the bumper with the edition of a front splitter/air dam. I'd like to incorporate a flare to the fenders for a subtle widening of the stance...
  18. Swifterthanu

    Mk4 & Mk5 Section

    I was diving back through the TS archives and rereading the section for building up a sleeper (GTi/GT) Mk4/5 using Esteem parts. I think we need to include this into the group as well as I have been playing with my '99 recently. What say the masses?
  19. Swifterthanu

    Me thinks Scotty is around

    Last known picture of Scotty
  20. Swifterthanu

    Me thinks Scotty is around