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  1. 92convert

    Help with 89 swift 1.3l DOHC GTI ecu

    Need help if anyone has the Cultus ecu, I'm looking for the Cultus ecu serial number with pictures. I really appreciate your help. Thx
  2. 92convert

    Swift GT & GTi Parts Motherload Limited Time Only!

    Is the GT MAF still available ? I'll buy it. Thx
  3. 92convert

    WTB: 89-91 swift 1.3l GTI DOHC fuel rail

    I'm looking for a use 89-91 GTI fuel rail, doesn't need to be good shape even inoperative fpr. All I need is the rail with correct injectors support holes, Thx.
  4. 92convert

    MK1 T3 aftermarket fuel pump

    I have a brand new fuel pump Carter P74074, it's equivalent to ACDelco EP381, Airtex E3270, Bosch 67340, Delphi FE0114, Denso 9515016, Retech RE0209P, and the last one is Spectra SP06A2H. Comparing the spec of Airtex E3270 to that of Airtex E8023 the difference is not much, I believe that it's...
  5. 92convert

    MK1 camshaft for 3 cylinders

    I'm looking for performance camshafts for my MK1 T3 (2). I'm about to finish restoring my 86 Chevrolet sprint plus ( with turbo engine swapped) thanks to 2 wonderful gentlemen Jamal and Arnie who very kindly provided me pistons and connecting rods. The cam that I have was damaged beyond repair...
  6. 92convert

    door cylinder lock and handle

    My 3 verts were broken in, found them in a same area in another city all 3 of them, driver side locks and handles are busted on the driver side. I'm looking for those. Thx
  7. 92convert

    87 turbo engine block

    Is there a way that I can save this engine block ? Hair line crack between cylinders.
  8. 92convert

    Rocker arms placement

    Hi , I was rebuilding my 87 Chev sprint turbo , my grandchild accidently ripped the tray parts away from the table, all the parts flew everywhere with extra parts in that tray. The one that I need help is the location of rocker arms , they have # on them 2.1 , 2.2 , 2.3 , and 2.4 ( MK1 T3 and...
  9. 92convert

    MK1 T3 connecting rod bushings

    I went through 2 set of good pistons for my 87 Chevrolet sprint turbo. the culprit is the connecting rod bushings are worn out of spec, can really felt the giggling. Does anyone bushing business anymore ? Can't find online or anywhere in Alberta Canada. Went to the engine rebuilt shops with no...
  10. 92convert

    WTB-87-88 Chev sprint energy absorber on front bumper

    I'm looking for this piece (2) #5, pls let me know how much you ask them for.Thx It's for 87-88 Chev sprint, firefly, forsa NA and turbo
  11. 92convert

    WTB: parts for 92 convert

    It's time for my 92 Geo vert to pass safety inspection. Every thing is good EXCEPT the RED HAZARD BUTTON ON THE UPPER STEERING COLUMN COVER or the complete light switch and signal assembly for year 92-93 convertible. it was missing some time ago ( broken and lost ) also need the front bumper bar...
  12. 92convert

    WTB thermostat housing for 87 Chev sprint turbo ( MK1 T3)

    Looking for Chev sprint MK1 T3 thermostat housing, mine is cracked , tried to repair with heat but it's beyond repaired ( deformed). It's my DD vehicle . Please help
  13. 92convert

    WTB: MK1 T3 piston

    :-( My car started fine when cold but stalled after 5 mins had to keep foot on gas all the time, stalled on deceleration and when accessories turned on. Found out that #2 piston was chipped. Looking for MK1 T3 piston if anyone has it laying around. Thx.
  14. 92convert

    MK2 T3 fuel tank

    I have a technical question and need someone who knows or done this before to answer my concern. I have a 86 MK1 NA 4 door ER shelf swapped everything to turbo., one of a few things that I couldn't do was the fuel tank. I'm able to source out a used MK2 T3 fuel tank in good condition no rust ...
  15. 92convert

    MK1 OR MK2 T3 throttle body housing

    Looking for a throttle body housing for my MK1OR MK2 T3 . Mine has too much throttle lever movement back and forth, up and down, can't adjust the TPS correctly, stalled on idle and whenever the foot is off gas pedal. boughtt new TPS ( $230 US) didn't solve the problems, inspected the throttle...
  16. 92convert

    WTB MK1 T3 EGR valve

    I'm looking for EGR valve for 87 sprint turbo in good working condition. Mine couldn't hold the pressure that is why the car stalls when foot is off the gas pedal.
  17. 92convert

    WTB damage or irreparable IHI RHB32 MK1 T3 turbo

    While disassembling the turbo I damaged the dynamic (or “piston”) seal and the seal plate on the compressor side, the black round piece located right after the compressor wheel. If anyone has one complete turbo or parts for sale then I would like to buy from you, need it urgently. Thank you
  18. 92convert

    rebuild turbocharger RHB32 VZ5

    I have a 86 sprint plus shell with 87 G10T engine installed, it ran great for about 2 years and now the turbo is in need of a rebuild no play on shaft and in/out,just oil passed through turbine ring emits a lot of white smoke. bought a GENUINE IHI RHB3 RHB31 RHB32 turbo repair rebuilt kit from...