1987 Sprint struts


Anybody out there know of a source? I have bought several sets of Monroe 71805 for various sprints over the years, but cant seem to find anyone that carries them. Have not found any other brands that have any spec'd....Any suggestions? Thanks
They have them here.

rockauto ? i bought some shocks and struts for my '87 last year. BUT had to buy suspension bushings from aus (whiteline)
Rockauto out as well.....I had a contact with them to let me know when in stock, but after a month still nothing. An alt I knew of was KYB232020, I found a pair of those on ebay last night for about the same price.
Wellll....did not pan out. Appears lousy seller on ebay only advertised he had them. He actually did not even have 1 of them, took me over 2 weeks just to get my $ Back. Finally called customer support for MONROE. " MONROE has discontinued all suspension components for Chevrolet Sprints 85-88"
I have not had any luck with finding any KYB or Gabriel either.

Monroe does have a nice spec spreadsheet with ALL struts offered and I have found a few that are near identical in overall specs, but have not ordered one to see for sure can it be made to work. Biggest difference I see is the spring seat area may have to be carved down to make it work with the tiny OEM springs. When I get one of mine off and can measure all things will update this with whatever I find.

Should anyone else out there have any advise, please also post here.
So upon reading this, I reached out to several manufacturers this summer with
queries. I assume there was one factory making them, and they were just sold
with different branding. As no one would confirm this, they simply replied
that they were discontinued.

All is not lost, you can still get the Gabriel Mexican version. They don't specify
L or R, only front. So I assume the spring cradles and brake hose tabs must
be positioned to work on either side.

You can get them on Ebay from Australia for about $200 each, or Germany
for about $120 each. Amazon has them for about $100 ea, and Zoro has them
for about $55 ea w/Free shipping on $75 orders.





You won't find them on the Gabriel website, you need to go the Mexican site
to view, and use Google translate to read if you are not bilingual. It doesn't
provide much info, but confirms fitment for 'front'.


I've ordered a set to try them out, the price is around what I paid couple years
ago for the KYB's. I'm sure there's old stock out there on the KYB's too that
will pop up, and if you check some remote parts houses they might have them
on the shelf. But beware, they don't age well and anybody hoarding a set
for several years will be in for a surprise when they open the box to find
their old NOS rods have gone limp.
Thanks for the detailed feedback, found a set ( I HOPE) on ebay. I say I Hope as a few months ago I found a pair only to find out 6 weeks later the seller never had them, just advertised they did then the could not get their hands on them. Folks that sell that way on ebay should be shut down. This seller claims to have 3 sets on hand.
well just my luck....once again an ebay seller that says they have them, then when you place an order they let you know they don't have them. The Zoro site doesn't appear to go anywhere. I see them on the Mexico sight, but curious how did you go about ordering them from there?...I cant seem to find any links for ordering, an email contact maybe? Thanks.
That's how it works for the mainstream guys. The sellers are brokers, all pulling from the same central distribution center. The parts warehouses may have 10 available, so if 15 sellers say there are 10 available, it doesn't mean each one has 10, it means those 15 sellers
are all brokers for the warehouse that has 10. The better sellers will have sophisticated software that updates their listings based
on the real quantity available from their supplier chain. The other sellers with poorly
maintained, outdated websites will still advertise obsolete parts. Look at Andy's
Auto Sports, he's still selling the KYB front struts for $48. It's a sure bet he doesn't
stock them, so if you place an order, you'll likely be refunded down the road.
Or if the site is proper, it won't let you add to cart or complete purchase, I don't
know I didn't try.
Now individual sellers are a different story, they usually actually have items
they bought as a lot or auction or closeout or just bought and never used.
It's up to you to know the difference.
So it looks like we are somewhat screwed. I'm glad I ordered 2 sets from Zoro,
I just now got the tracking. I was going to order 1 set and check the fit, then order
more. Now the listing is gone, I'm sure the stocking warehouse has depleted the
available units, as well as the Amazon listing says unavailable, I suspect they were
both pulling from the same source.
Perhaps there is a European factory still manufacturing them, but I think that's it
for the Americas and Mexico. You can't really stock up on these, I've got a few
NOS sets that are no good, new in the box, but all the gas has leaked out.
There is a shelf life, If I had to guess..6 years
Time to find a workable substitute and make it work, or take your core and pop
in a new strut (there was a good post on Teamswift about modding for a Koni insert),
or go with an adjustable coil-over setup. I have a T3 where the PO did this,
it's not that hard, it's just not as convenient as ordering a factory fit strut.
So if you look a little harder you can find all the interchange numbers, be it
AC Delco, Sachs, Auto Zone, Napa, Suzuki, GM, Boge, Carquest etc.
and scour the internet for availability.
NOS will pop up here and there as distributors clean house, or sell it to
Rock Auto for Wholesale Closeouts, or Pickers , Barnyard finds or whatever
sell old shit, but beware.

Thanks for all the continued info, and yes agree with all of it.
Ill do some searching on that topic about the Koni MOD. I myself have been comparing specs on units that range from 85-96 Sprint,Swift,metro, etc and have found a few that are near identical in all specs, just yet to try one. I am soon to remove one, break it down and get all the specs to see what I can create. I came up with a workable mod many moon ago for Carburetor Sprints near impossible to find MCS, posted on the old TS. IF that can be done, an alt strut is definately doable....looks like somebody's gotta do it...update here if I do.

thanks again for chiming in.
I rebuild my 1988 SA413GTi fronts struts.
With the same yellow koni's I use for the SF series (1989-2002).
I do not know if they are available where you life :-/




I did use a BC racing Baleno top mount that I had lyingg around.
Wich I adapated to fit the strut tower :laugh:

I have a look for the Koni part number ;-)

Did a cheap coil over from a mk1 Golf once for a friend.

This was close to the drive shaft :-o
thanks for the details. Ok I see your just cutting down the OE and putting the Koni or whatever down inside the old OE housing, BUT, what is holding the insert into the tube? I have a similar OE setup on the front of my Porshe 911, but the top of the tube is threaded with a large threaded collar and acts like a compression nut on the insert.
Also in your comparison photo it appears your about 1" lower than OE on the height, does your front end sit lower than usual, or are you doing something to make up the difference in height?

thanks, Mike
The shock insert is hold in place with a bolt



And some notches on top

Yes the homemade strut is lower.
I also used some Cobra lowering springs.
For me its not realy low.
Hope you can see.
This is with 14" SF413GTi wheels :-D
thank you very much for the continued input. Yes see clearly the bottom bolt setup. Not sure I have ever seen a shock/Strut with a bottom threaded bung like that, but no doubt its out there somewhere. Slick idea to use such in the cut down OEM tube. Gotcha on the shorter, and yes probably would not be an issue, just wanted to ask if you ran it that way or offset the height with something. Thanks again for the info.

Looks like Walt summed up that old TS post in a couple pics.
From the pics it looks like 86 2588SPORT
I was able to pull up on the web.
There you go. Thanks Walt
Yes he did....good write up and pics...thanks for sourcing the part #, see them out there several sources. Still some more to do but will more than likely go this route. Thanks to you both for all the info.
Hey so if Walt's still reading, meant to ask what you're running in the rear?

And for MKC1962, I did get the Gabriel's and they've been in the back of my car
a couple weeks waiting for some spare time after work to swap them out.
I've been having some shimmy issues, and I've finally traced it down to
play in the coil spring. Not sure how this happened, as it was not evident
until I installed a new set of tires, I thought it was a tire issue and after buying
a couple new sets, determined I was on the wrong path until I discovered I could
move the front coil spring by hand with car at rest. New strut top mounts helped
a bit, but did not cure. These are custom coils, and perhaps a tad shorter.
When I put the new struts on I have some options as far as some spacers
to install on the coil spring hat to help take up the slack and/or some spring
isolator pads to also help remove freeplay. We will see how that works with
the new Gabriel struts.
But I did want to supply this link,


to you for struts available from Germany for about $200 / pair
which is a bargain. I remember paying almost $150 ea back in the day
for the KYB's.
I run a pair of Koni red shocks in the rear.
These are overhault :)

From a friend I know he used some Billstein Toyota Corolla rears ;-)
But I do not know what year :-(