1990 Mk2 GTi from Walt

gt4tified said:
Nice one Walt. Is the hatch molding easy to come off. I need to replace mine since it has pretty much dried out and brittle. Trying to figure where I’d be able to get this locally.

I tried removing the molding.
Before removing the window.
But it is curved around the glass.

I did manage to get a new set from Megazip

Here are the part numbers

The new one is really flexible
It took me a while.
But finally managed to get the rear door done.
It's not new, but I am very happy how it turned out :-D






It is always good to get one more thing done. I remember having to replace almost all my windows after someone broke them out. Finding the glass was a pain, and I remember how unsure I was about leaving the inner seal on or putting it on after putting it in. I'm pretty sure I need to bring it in and have someone who does it for a living re-install it. I hope you got a good bond between the primer and eurothane.
This is my fun car.
It drives a bitt hars with the uprated suspension and engine.
It was my boyracer dream.
I hardly use.
Sad thing it started to make a little ticking noise :eek:
The engine still made good power.
After a while it became a nocking sound.

When I had some spare time I pulled the engine.
It was a conrod bearing failure.
New to me :unsure:


Learned something.
Here is the crank pin, its hard to see but there is some discoloration.

When checking with a micrometer.
There is a difference in diameter up right and side ways.

Happy me to have lots off spare parts.
So I build in a stock engine.


So I can still use this car.
Which ceeps me smiling :cool:

Really need figure out what to do with it.
Because I do not use it on track.
Hardly drive it because a company car and a daily.

All these luxery problems o_O
Got a fresh MOT.
Because I hardly use this car.
The MOT inspector had to rev the engine like a boy racer to get some heat in the catalyst.
Funny thing he was impressed how easy it spun it revs :love:
Even when its stock engine :ROFLMAO: