'87 Sway Bar Upgrade


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My son just upgraded the sway bars on his Miata and that joker is on rails. Blew my mind. I've always been engine focused and suspension never seemed worthy of my time or $$. What are my options for upgrading my T3 MK1?
poly bushings all around will help. made a difference in my '87 n/a. i dont know if anyone offers sway bars for that year of car- i cant recall what the guys were using on the rear-some guys even doubled up on the rear sway bar, for extreme track days.
may have to go thru the teamswift archives and see what could be found.
maybe a sway bar from a newer t3, gti or sedan may fit? would take some modifying fer sure...
There was an aftermarket sway bar available in Australia through Whiteline many decades ago for the GTi. I looked at part number database, the Turbo and GTi were different part numbers, but I don't know how they are different.

Good luck.