89 GTi junk yard find.


Hey guys I found a junk yard 89GTi in Farmington NM. They did not know they had it. Selling parts fairly cheap. I picked up the front and rear disk brake assy, and the tail lights. There is no engine. But the 5 spd is there hanging on the mounts. Its faded red. The split seat rear upper is good. No gauges. All body panels good. Bumpers good too. No fog lights. Body kit and deck lid with wing. Perfect. To much to list. No I did not take pictures. Here is the contact info: Aztec Auto Wrecking. 505/334/0450 Ask for Tyler. Lots of really good parts guys. And yeah when I get home, the brakes and tail lights will be for sale. Murf

I am not the seller. There is so many good parts, make sure to get it while it last.