91 sprint ball joints


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My lower ball joints are shot. Looks like have to order the entire control arm.

Any one have trouble with removing old control arm hardware? I soaked with penetrating oil and still snapped bolts off my parts car. :cry:
try tightening the bolts first, then try removing them. or, remove the big nut on the inner control arm pivot point, and slide it off the stud, leaving the lca mount on the car. I think most new lca come with new bushings, or upgrade to polyurethane bushings- try whiteline, but order them for a Suzuki swift-according to whiteline they wont fit a geo metro, chevy sprint or Pontiac firefly....they say the last two don't even exist :lol:
I snapped the bolts from my parts car.

That control arm was not much better anyway. Ended up picking one up from Napa for reasonable price. And I did shat you mentioned tighten first to breaker loose and loosen just enough to slide it out.