92 Black GT

I finally got the extra port for the coolant thermostat housing done. I can actually add the new dual coolant and oil temperature gauge to the bottom of the tri pod gauge cluster. I will not get to the oil temperature port for a while.

Another car that does not live up to expectations: 2023 Subaru WRX GT. Again too damn heavy. I keep having these cars think that they will just blow by me. It is priceless to see their expression when I slow down to let them catch up. Despite the cars state of the art AWD system it cannot take a hard corner at all.
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I tore a hole in the bottom of the down pipe from the wastegate tube that enters back in after the 90 degree bend. I have flex joints on both ends of the external wastegate and it still managed to work as leverage bar to rip off from the downpipe. I fixed the re-entry point, but I adding a bracket between the upper mid point of the wastegate tube and the downpipe which will join them together. This should eliminate the leverage arm. I will cut a slot in the bracket so I can attach them together with a bolt and still separate the two pipes.

I also had two turbo flange nuts back off just shortly after the break. I'm assuming the break caused all kinds of vibration. I'm switching to copper platted split lock nuts, and will up the torque on them. I should actually get a chunk of the work done today. The good news is my expensive turbo blanket survived being removed completely intact to be reused.

I need to fix my passenger side mud well guard. I popped loose and the wheel rubbed a nice hole in it. I'm just going to plastic weld on a stainless mesh screen.
Some Pictures; not sure what I haven't posted:


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More pictures:


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All the major repairs are done. Downpipe and wastegate tube are heat wrapped and installed.

I switched out the air filter to K&N RX-3800 it is only 4 1/2" wide at the base but is 1 1/2" longer with a front entry. I cut and welded the 2 1/2" turbo cold air pipe to a smoother angle. Now the filter is point at the side of the bumper on the passenger side. I ordered up a cold air entry port to go on the bumper so I can draw in more cold air. At full capacity that fender cavity is trying to suck in 6.5 cubic feet per second. It is not a sealed cavity but there is no smooth/direct air inlet. I still need to plastic weld the passenger side wheel well mud guard.

I also routed the exit port on my catch can back into the stock pvc port on the intake manifold. This way the residual vapor fumes/ oil isn't going through my turbo, intercooler, MAF, and throttle body. This is a better design. I hope.


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