Anyone has aftermarket seats installed?


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Has anyone opted for aftermarket seats in their GTi? Mine need to be re-upholstered but given the cost of doing that, it may be easier and cheaper to put in seats from another vehicle and swap the rails. Has anyone here done this?
I've not done this on my GTi, but I have done this on other vehicles, on my '72 Datsun 510. I had to make seat bottom brackets that would allow the sliders to mount to the bottom of the seat. I used some steel bars, sorry no pics that I can find. Also, I had to modify the existing brackets that bolt to the floor board to allow the sliders to mount to the bottom (floor pan side). You can get a general idea from this -
I did mounted some aftermarket bucket seats. On the stock rails once. It did worked out pretty good.
And the stock rails is easy to remove.

But I was able to buy some Sparco seats. Wich I mounted in mine '87 and '90 Swift.
I did change the mounting for the Sparco rails to sit lower.