Automatic transmission Modifications?


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The bug bit me and Im buying another metro, 3cyl automatic. Having driven previous automatics they are the typical slush boxes from the 90's... Isue is Im a hot rodder and have always wanted to play with one of the autos because softly spoken they handle the torque load and power better than the manuals.

So anyone ever messed with upgraded friction material? Any mods to make it shift harder? I did a quick search and not much info is coming up... I have several directions/evil thoughts as what to do with the car, but IDK, just putting feelers out about the thing I know the least about.
Been around our cars for a lot of years, never seen anyone play with the autos much. Is a guy doing the Gambler 500 in a big sedan, auto. Keeps blowing out the diff carrier in them with his huge tires. Most people want to just convert over to 5 spds.
Breezy is getting a turbo on its automatic right now and Casper was a turbo automatic for awhile. You can pound a lot more power through an auto than a stick