Exhaust Upgrade

ideadito said:
I would like to upgrade the stock exhaust on my 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport FZ MY13. Are Gibson Exhaust Systems compatible with this model? I am looking for something with a rich and throaty sound.

I went ahead and made a new section on the forum just for you and your fancy new swift. :laugh: :laugh: We are a worldwide forum and everyone is welcome here, but a lot of our users are from north america where we didn't get the new swift sports. :-( :-( So I went ahead and made a new section for you, because while we don't get to many questions about the new swifts you are more than welcome to post about it here and also feel free to make a project thread as well in the project section if you are so inclined. We are all Suzuki nuts here!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: