Geo' on the Gulf 2018


Hey guys, I know most of your belong to the and know about the upcoming Geo's on the Gulf. Its a lot of fun. Its coming up in late April. Here is a link the the event at GMF. There is a lot of great trading of hard to find Metro and Swift parts and good company too. If your thinking distance it a thing to keep you from going. I have made the drive from the NorCal coast. About 2700 miles one way. Well it was a bit longer getting there, I got lost in E Iowa. Figured out I was headed for Chicago not Pensacola. Doh. Hope to see you there.

Geos on the Gulf VIII will be held at the same place as always: Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola Florida on Saturday April 21st 2018. The park opens at 8 A.M. and that's when the meet starts. We usually hang out/trade parts, eat lunch, hang out some more and then take a cruise to downtown Pensacola afterwords. Always a good time!
Never hurts to share on here as well! Someday I'll be able to go to one of these things, when I'm old and retired.... :p
Its coming up and you should get down there. Billy, CB and Z34 are great people. To many others to list. Heck the one year Z34 got a condo, in a high rise over looking the Gulf. If you looked to where the swimming pool was, there is a penis shaped hot tub. LOL No not making that up. Don't have pictures. I think Z or CB have those. Bastards made me promise not to wizz off the balcony. :lol: