Jay Leno checking out a Swift


Back in 2014 the guys from the old TeamSwift held a meet up in SoCal. Jay Leno came over and checked out the rides. Well someone snapped a picture of it. I saved it. Lets see if I can figure out how to post it here????
Crap it did not work, and can't figure out how to edit. Just found the upload button.

I think I got it.
Sure wish I could have made it down there in 2014. Now that I am retired it would be great if they could put something together again. Hell its only 700 miles S of NorCal. :laugh: Compared to the drive to Geos on the Gulf, or Geo Metro Palooza, or Min Metro Meet its just a daze drive. GOTG is 3000 miles one way. Palooza is 2700 miles each way. That is if I don't get lost. It happens. :-D
Somewhere I have a picture of the Worlds Fastest Geo Metro. Its owned by the Hudson Boys. Very fast. Car has run 161mph on the salt.
Let's do a PNW meet when the weather clears up. I want to meet up somewhere and run Forest Road 25 behind Mt. St. Helens. I made some noise about trying to get a SoCal meet going again on GMF, but realized there was just no way to do it with the whole family. I had to make do with borrowing my sister in law's car instead. We got what we came for and had a good time, but it was not the same :-(



The Ferrari does not belong to my sister in law--it's the Fiat 500. The best I can say for that is that it didn't suck as bad as I expected.
Plan it out, set it up and lets do it. Start a thread in the events section. Hint Saturday is always best. And avoid holidays as it competes with family things. And make sure to post it over at GMF too. I am retired and don't have a lot to do. There are some trips I do have to make this year. Washington could be one too. There are a lot of members up there and in Northern Oregon. Don't invite Geo Jeff though. LOL