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So I figured I'd start up my project thread again now the all my pictures are broken in my thread on GMF, and well TS is gone.

If you do want to see the original thread on this car you can find it here:

So far this is what has been done to the car some done by the PO and some done by me: ( Just copied this over from an old thread I need to update it. )

Mallory Hyfire 4 Ignition box & Mallory Promaster Ignition Coil - PO
Custom ECU Chip from Teeth
5 Spoke Alloy wheels
Custom exhaust - 2 1/4 inch piping with Summit ultra flow race muffler -PO
Upgraded brake lines - Goodridge G-Stop SS Brake Line Kit for 89-94 Suzuki Swift Front & Rear - PO
Upgraded suspension bushings - Super Pro Polyurethane Bushings throughout the suspension
Upgraded transmission - Fresh Transmission with Phantom Grip - PO
Slotted/drilled rotors, new calipers all around with performance pads.
Honda CRX Front caliper upgrade.
Genie 4-2-1 Header.
Nissan 240SX Enlarged Intake.
New Carpet
Custom Round Toe-Bars from Dethbrd.
Rebuild Distributor from Fainya.
New control arms all four.
New Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends.
AlpineHead Unit.
New Radio Antenna
Turbine Tech Frame Brace
New Hatch Struts
New Fog Lights and Silverstar Bulbs
Polished OEM Headlights
ACT HD Clutch Kit & Refinished Fly Wheel
New Clutch Cable
New Sway Bar End Links & Energy Suspension Bushings
New Seat Belt Clips

I'll have to make a new post with all of the parts that are waiting to be installed.

These are all pictures from before it was wrecked last year. I am still driving it on occasion, but not as much while I work on getting ready to fix it.



t3ragtop said:
if that's what you are starting with you are on your way to a great swift gt! ;)


Sadly those are older pictures at this point pre accident, things have changed a little bit since then.
This is what the front end looks like now:

And there was always this side quarter panel damage that was there when I got it.

You might recognize this steering wheel I'm using now...

Despite all that damage and whatnot, I have been working on getting prepped to fix it, I've poured too much time and energy into it at this point to just let it go and find a new chassis although that would probably be easier esp since I have the 93 laying around.
Few picks of some of my parts hoard and messy garage:


And I've still got all kinds of performance goodies that were planned to go on sitting on my shelves still in the boxes.
All kinds of OEM goodies from Japan.
New OEM parcel shelf from Bowen.
Turbine Tech Front and Rear Strut Braces, yes I managed to find a set somehow!
Front and rear whiteline sway bars 22, and 27mm.
Glass headlines and clear corners,
A few things I can think of off the top of my head at the moment, anyhow, it's a long way from where I wanted to be with it, but the accident set me back so now I'm working on getting the body sorted out. Hoping a new thread will help keep me motivated.
Ohw nice too see a red Mk2 GTi.
That was mine first Suzuki back in 2003.
And yes I still regret letting that car go.

Looks like you have enough to do in your spare time ;)
Finally have permission from the boss and the money to get this car fixed! I can’t wait! It’s been two years since the accident. About to be some changes finally!!! :D :D
Swifterthanu said:
macuserman said:
Finally have permission from the boss to get this car fixed!

And this Sir is how the game is played. :lol:

Yessir! I may have bribed the boss with a new king bed and mattress that she has been bugging me about for months now..... :D :D :D My game is on point! lol
Got an appointment at 11:30 tomorrow with the body shop to take over my used parts and figure out how much the repairs are going to cost me. In preparation, I put the new hood on so they can see what they have to work with, I couldn't figure out a great way to fit it in the car, I'm going to put all the rest of the parts inside the car to drive over. The new hood really makes the damage look even worse. :( Well here's to hoping they come up with a reasonable number to charge me for the repairs.



Sorry about the rotated images. I'll have to fix them later.
I am following this.

Because I am going to go for a drive with you when it's all back together :cool:
fireflyse said:
I am very interested to see your progress. Thank you for your hard work to save this great car.

Thank you! I really hope this works out. I'm wondering how much I'll be crucified if I decide to pick a slightly different color for the new paint. Kinda depends on what they quote me on everything, but I'm going to ask them how much they want to just paint the whole car, they are already going to have to do the hood, both front fenders and the front bumper, that's going to look awesome with the front half brand new and shiney and the back half 30 years faded and aged.... lol Really hope we can make a deal for the whole car, if not I'll take what I can get.
Just paint the whole car. If you don't it'll be hard to get a match between old and new. You'll notice it every time you look at the car.
top down@-40 said:
Just paint the whole car. If you don't it'll be hard to get a match between old and new. You'll notice it every time you look at the car.

I really want to paint the whole car, the rough estimate for my whole car though is tripling my cost, he wasn't prepared/didn't know I was going to ask about painting the whole car so he had to look over all the dings and crap that will need to be fixed for that. I don't have a final number yet. So we'll see, I'm not made of money I would like to get it done though.

His initial rough estimate is 1,690 for repairing the damage and painting the crashed part, he said figure at least 3,000 more to paint the whole car, but he is still getting together a consolidated estimate for me, which might be less, but even if so is still just an estimate until they start taking things apart to see how difficult it will be to fix some of the stuff that is currently hidden.

It sounds like I can save some money though and get a bit better of a job if I do the disassembly myself on as much of the car as I can removing all the trim etc as much as possible before hand so that they don't have to do a lot of masking and whatnot. In fact I may pull all the carpet, interior trim, exterior trim, bumpers etc just get it down to a shell and then put the bumpers and stuff in the back to take it over there when the time comes. I'd love to remove the back hatch glass so that after paint I can replace all the window trim since it is cracked and broken and I want to replace the trim anyway, but I'm a little scared of breaking the window. Anyone removed one before to replace the trim and have thoughts on how risky that is? I'm hoping that by removing all the trim and door panels etc it will make it a lot easier for them to just work and not worry about damaging stuff or overspray/masking time. I know that the door jambs are dreaded and usually add to the cost, but if there is nothing to worry about overspraying onto then that should help I would think.

This is the place I'm trying to work with, they seem to be very reputable, so far I've been impressed anyways.
Ya, prep work adds up quickly so the more you can do the cheaper it'll be. $50 on a basic body working set and you could take care of some of the smaller areas yourself. You just need to take care and do it slowly so you don't hammer a dent out to the point it becomes a bulge. Small dents could just be sanded to bare metal and filled in rough if you're not comfortable trying to smooth them out. Removing all the rubber around the doors and hatch, pull the plastic from the wheel arches, remove the inside trim panels, remove the trim on the outside of the doors, remove all the side glass, etc., all those things will add up to making their job quicker. If you can trailer it at low speed in dry weather you can even do some of the masking yourself. What's their shop rate? if you do those things you can knock many hours off their work and knock the bill down substantially. Ask what grit of sandpaper they use for paint prep and block sand the entire car to prep for the new paint. There are other things you could do to save on labor because that is going to be at least half the bill.
So progress is not happening very quickly. The body shop I was talking to about having the work done has stopped responding to my email and I could pursue it but I get the feeling that they just aren't really interested. I hate to force someone to work on it who doesn't want to, seems like a good way to spend a lot of money and get a crap result. :( Kinda discouraged, finding a good body shop is difficult that is willing to work on something like this, I'm putting out some more feelers and trying to talk to some places. The only places I've found so far that I like are far away like an hour and a half or two and that's doable but really impractical for me to drive out during business hours to each one just to get a feel and have them take a look at my car esp since it's not really a good idea to drive over 40mph right now in it. :| :| So not sure what I'm going to do just yet.

In the meantime my new aluminum radiator and fan came in....

Also my order for $1300 of OEM suzuki parts went through so waiting on that now, mainly new trim pieces etc. Just more to add to my parts collection for the car I can't drive. :( Ugh. I just need to find a clean 89 body and swap all my crap over to it, I should be able to find more shops willing to paint a car that isn't damaged maybe. I have my 92 which is clean and I could just paint it and swap everything, but I really don't like it as much. Might have to think harder about my plan, if I can't find a good shop here.
Do you have a technical or trades college near you? They always need victims... I mean cars to work and teach on.
All of my fancy new suzuki parts are being held in CA customs. :( Ugh apparently they want to know the "composition" of the contents. Because a detailed part list isn't sufficient. :( Lets see, metal , rubber, plastic next they are going to want MSD sheets for each compound......