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Haven’t done much with the car in awhile, just been sitting in the garage waiting for me to have a little time. But the weather was super nice this weekend so I decided to stretch her legs a little and dust off the cobwebs. So after moving the pile of crap that accumulated blocking it in the garage I was finally able to get it out in the sunshine for a bit.
Well both of my other cars decided to take a crap and stop working on me so I had to scramble and fix the windows so I can actually roll them up and down. With the AC out being able to open the windows is a must. So I spent yesterday wiring the window regulators so that I have functioning power windows. It’s awesome , I really like how easy it is, still don’t have the switches mounted they are just loose in the car, and I need to figure out a better way to splice them to the cars power currently running them straight off the battery. But for now it works and is awesome!

I’ll update my window regulator post with more details a little later.


So now I’m quickly shopping for a new car for the wife, I guess after 260,000 miles my Jeeps have probably earned a junkyard retirement. :D :D
fireflyse said:
I got 940,000km out of just one of my Firefly's and you're giving up on a Jeep?

Yeah at least for now. I may fix it later to use as a truck. But it's been planned for awhile to get a new family car so for now I'm not putting any money or effort into it.
Apologize in advance for the rant post that will be forth coming. So, my car search for the wife did not go well, it took ages. I am a strong believer in owning my cars, and I don't like car payments. So used is the only option for with my current finances. Student loan debt ridden single income family, that we are. So I wanted to make sure that the next car I go for my wife was going to last for a long time and need minimal maintenance for awhile. I'm so tired of weekend mechanic work on the family car just to get through the week. So I was determined that if I was going to finally get a new car it would be an upgrade that would last us for awhile.

Our car situation prior to this was:
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 157K plagued with issues. My daily driver
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 260k Actually really reliable till it broke a piston skirt. Wife Daily driver
1989 Suzuki Swift GTi Fun car for me. :)

It was a pretty good setup, because that way I didn't have to drive the swift all the time and I could actually work on it. It's hard doing major work on a car that you are also going to need for work in the morning. Anyhow, so the jeeps were just not working out anymore, and we really wanted something with more space, better ac in the rear for my son, better all round. So I had my heart set on a newer Sienna, and boy I almost ended up having to change my mind. I wanted a 2011 or newer but they are just dang expensive still given that this was unexpected I didn't have time to save up for it like I had planned and ended up getting a small loan to help me pay for how much I thought I would need to get a car. Turns out I sorely underestimated the resale value on a 8 year old Sienna, there are tons of them available, but everybody still wants 15K for a trashed one. I finally found one at the beginning of this month, a really nice 2012 Sienna SE with only 120K on it that is in super shape, so far it has been an absolute pleasure and the wife loves it. So I finally have the wife car situation solved, but my situation is that I'm still dallying the swift despite needing to finish a whole pile of work on it. I just haven't had a choice, and it's been driving me crazy.

I have done a few small things, like dropped my 5.25 inch speakers in the rear speaker cavities so I can use the radio again since I was driving it everyday. But it seems that the little car finally decided to quite of its own accord, letting me know it is high time I did some work on it. On the way home from work yesterday the alternator bracket broke and shredded the belt, I heard the clunk of it falling and then screeching the rest of the way home. So it's not going anywhere until I find a new bracket, and I probably need to take this opportunity to fix a few other things to make it a bit more reliable and comfortable to drive while I sort out my vehicle situation. I may try to do an engine swap on the 2000 jeep to get it back in service so I can do more extensive work on the swift like the new motor I have planned.

Current list of top priorities in random order:

1. Fix alternator
2. Fix leaking AC
3. Replace fuel filter, and possible fuel pump.
4. Overdue oil change.
5. A bunch of welding, I want to fix a couple rust spots, and spot weld the seams to stiffen the chassis.
6. Weld patch onto broken exhaust pipe. An exhaust hanger pulled a chunk out of my pipe and is making an awful noise now.
7. Replace springs with something not specific rate.

Hmmm I think that's plenty for now, I'd be pretty happy to have that list taken care of, I need to hunt down an alternator bracket ASAP or the car won't be going anywhere for awhile.
I know how it feels. Time is the most precious commodity. I'm just going to do a few things to the white gt and put my black gt in the shop so I can actually install all the stuff that I have for her. If I do that I'll be lucky to get a few hours in every week and hopefully get her done before winter. Good luck with getting everything done.
Well after a nice long nap in the garage I've decided to wake the swift up and start doing a little bit more with it. Finally got rid of the last jeep plaguing my existence, so the first order of business is to fix the swift enough that I can move it out of the garage, then I can cleanup the garage, pull the swift back in and start working on it again.

To get the swift moving on it's own again I finally dug into the alternator situation, it's been sitting exactly how I parked it after limping it home.

I knew the upper bracket was broken as I've had to replace that before but what I wasn't expecting was that once I took the upper bracket off the alternator would just fall out of the car. :-o :-o

Looks like the two center bolts in the bracket backed out and are long gone, and the stud that goes into the oil pump is broken and missing the nut. Also the belt is destroyed...

So I've got the belt on order from rock auto.

I need to track down some new bolts for the bracket, I'm going to just leave the tab bolt in the oil pump alone for now since I'm not planning on driving it really just moving it around in my driveway. So hopefully that will happen soon here and I can get started on the more interesting stuff.
Good to hear. With that nice shiny new paint job this things needs to be driving around. I have had my black GT down since December, but I almost have it up an running. It is frustrating to have a car sit for too long.
GT4LIFE said:
Good to hear. With that nice shiny new paint job this things needs to be driving around. I have had my black GT down since December, but I almost have it up an running. It is frustrating to have a car sit for too long.

Yes! I think I have had this parked since September, it's been quite awhile. I did get the alternator all buttoned back up and took it for a spin around the block at least.


I've been working hardcore on cleaning the garage, and I'm getting really close to being able to start in again with some serious work on the swift. In the meantime it's nice to have it running again at least temporarily, I was grinning the whole way around the block. :)
No real progress on this yet, but I did get an early Christmas present to myself in the mail.



Merry Christmas to me! :laugh: :laugh:
GT4LIFE said:
That is cool. Any chance they have a 2nd one?
Don't think so, I paid to much for this one, but I really wanted a clean one that nobody had messed with or modified.