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This is my new build thread for my recently acquired 1987 Z02, LS3, Z49 equipped MKI Turbo Firefly. Available in Canada (and a small number exported to Puerto Rico) during the 1987 and 1988 model years, it's colour choices were limited to red and white. This red version came from the Edmonton area and has 210,000km on it. Options include... nothing. The current plan is to strip it and use the shell I bought recently and swap everything on to it, but in Skatch you can plate anything 1987 and older without inspection so I might drive it as is.


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I offered to buy these on 20/10/20 and they arrived yesterday. They polished up nice and will look great on the MKI with a layer of white Plasticoat on them.
Yes it's getting vented front rotors and this engine. eventually it will be running a stand alone system
Front brakes have new rotors, pads, calipers and all new hardware. I think it was all original.
Spent time detailing and scrubbing the interior. 20220619_204257.jpg
Has anyone ever see if any of the other IHI turbo CHARA fit the hot cold ends? There are a lot IHI turbos out there that are still mass produced that are a lot cheaper.
I bought an a/c system from a chap in Utah Dale Monson out of a Turbo Sprint and this week I spent probably fourty hours restoring the condenser and fan assembly. An unbelievable amount of stone, plant and bug residue washed out before I did my best to restore the cooling fins. I did the same for the evaporator core a month ago although it only needed a good cleaning.
12 separate panels going in.


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Apparently it's getting a whole new floor. Finish date has been moved up to "you'll get it this year". I heard that last bit last year too. They stopped sending photos. I smell the back burner warming up.