Murf's new ride. 97 Metro


Hey guys I have been looking for a newer than mine Metro 3/5. Something with a lot fewer miles that 344k miles. Not klicks. I have been thru the engine and trans and brake systems. In fact I just upgraded my front brakes on my 94 to vert brakes. No more solid rotors. I saw this ad for a 98 Metro, 4 cly. I am not much on the 4 cly cars. Not bagging on them, they are just not in my wheel house. But this one was clean. I contacted the seller, and asked which 4 cly it is? Because its badged as a Geo, not a Chevy. Well he reported back it was a 3 cly and posted more pictures. It only had 80,000 miles on it. After a few more emails back and forth, we got together and committed to the buy. Made the 5 hr drive up in the heavy, sheeting rain of NorCal. Man this one is the nicest car I have ever owned. Even the AC works. In the AM I get insurance and registration. And its on. Its gonna get several upgrades in the near future. But I am really stoked about this. And it was even the color I really like. Here's some pic's. They are in order I shot them. Keep in mind, its raining so hard. Its like what a cow does on a flat rock. Its way up in the hills behind the Oroville Dam. No internet or phones. Nothing. I did not wear my hearing aids, but I am sure I heard Banjo music.
The pics are from first site, to getting it home. And yes Big Foot lives about 35 miles E and N or me. I know that old ugly 94 does not look great. But most everything you can't see under the body and hood is new or rebuilt. For a NA G10 it does OK. And I have driven it for the last 14 years.





It was a great drive along the Trinity river on hwy 299. The water was rushing hard. Water levels way high. We stopped a few places a long the way. I should have stopped more, but it was late in the day. And the deer are the same color as dark. We did drive thru the burned area near the Paradise, CA. The Camp Fire. And thru Redding where the Carr fire was. The burn and devastation goes on for as far as the eye can see, and beyond. Its burned forest and homes for miles along the hwy.
The Car drove and handled Great. It needs a clutch though. Here is the ad I hope its still up in a few days.

And Hey guys. Big Foot wanted me to tell all you Swift and Metro owners " Heeyyyy Mahn, Leave me Alone...." LOL
I want to just have fun with this one.