new job

i am now a certified federal inspector for commercial vehicles. i can pass or fail your truck or trailer- so dont be an ass when you bring your stuff in for inspections, and dont try to hide broken stuff, and dont try to get me to pass your stuff when it CLEARLY needs repair.

i enjoy this job. twisting wrenches AND being able to sign off on federal repair sheets..... :-D TO hell with fixing lawnmowers !!!! (but i still do that !) ;-)
ha ha ha my old boss called me and asked what i was up to and if i could help him out- i was civil and told him i had a full time job inspecting class 8 trucks.
then he asked what my son was up to- i told him my son has a full time job at a fab shop- i could tell he was fishing for info- he told me he keeps calling people for work and they dont show up....GEEEZE I WONDER WHY?
just about two months too the day, since quitting that job, that he called me....must be desperate...!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
slowly buying / replacing big hand tools for my job- i lost alot of tools in a fire many years ago, and they were never replaced until now....its amazing what i had for tools many years ago-
massive repairs on the one trailer i am inspecting- all 6 air bags, all 6 drums and shoes, and possibly a new 5th wheel plate, or at least new jaws....

keeps me busy, and i enjoy the work...
still busy at work !

one truck just went down- metal in the oil filter- diesel shop figures its the high pressure fuel pump has failed (truck still runs)

and a driver called yesterday, complaint of no power, low oil pressure- oil leaking from exhaust- blown turbo...!!!

busy place, looking after 20+ trucks and trailers-
well the truck with the blown turbo- HOPEFULLY dosent have a ''dusted'' engine- the air filter was sucked flat and broken, allowing dust / dirt into the engine for how long, who knows?
the hot side of the turbine was wedged in its housing- the main shaft had broken, hot side locked up, cold side could still spin....
sent the air to air ( intercooler) to get cleaned-and its junk. too many pin holes and rotten areas to repair it properly.....

the trailer i am working on needs a few extra repairs- their last ''certified'' mechanic that passed the inspection on it, should have failed / replaced alot of parts on it- i guess he was lazy. like really lazy.