Parts Geek Autoparts Premium Control Arm Kit


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Parts Geek and maybe other companies are using a company called Autoparts Premium to sell our control arms. The kit comes with either just the control arms (both left and right) for a good price considering shipping was free or both left and right control arms with two tie rods and two stablizer bar links. The good news is the control arms themselves were okay and everything looks close to O.E.M. Time will tell on the control arm joint. The bad news is that the quality of the tie rods and stablizer are that they were junk. In comparison to other ones I had on hand I simply would not use them. Cheap rubber covers and they managed to shave down even more metal. I'm sure they will work for a while. Overall take away for me is that although the complete kit was less then $10 more then just the control arms the other parts were junk in my opinion.
i have noticed the quality of parts seems like cheaper build quality lately-3 maybe 4 years from a set of lca's on one car, and the one ball -joint has play in it. maybe 30,000 km on it?
The two i received from r.a yesterday- both ''mevotech'' brand ( moog) different build quality on both, one has nice clean stampings and welds, the other....meh...

people just dont care about quality control anymore-just gotta make a buck or two!!!!
I recently tried out Autoparts Premium for some control arms, and while the arms themselves seem decent so far, I wasn't impressed with the tie rods and stabilizer bar links that came with the kit. They felt pretty cheap compared to what I've used before. I guess you get what you pay for, but it's something to keep in mind if you're considering the full kit.