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The U.S. laws for odometer replacement is as follows:

49 U.S. Code § 32704.Service, repair, and replacement

(a)Adjusting Mileage.—A person may service, repair, or replace an odometer of a motor vehicle if the mileage registered by the odometer remains the same as before the service, repair, or replacement. If the mileage cannot remain the same—

(1)the person shall adjust the odometer to read zero; and

(2)the owner of the vehicle or agent of the owner shall attach a written notice to the left door frame of the vehicle specifying the mileage before the service, repair, or replacement and the date of the service, repair, or replacement.
Back on 2011 to 2013 when I did the swap of the engine from the 3cyl engine to the 4Cyl engine DOHC engine, I followed Richard's posts on how to do the swap and they were and incredible help for the project and also from a couple of local guys in Calgary, one was Larry O (I am not sure if he still around, I know he got into Corvette's after selling all this suzuki verts and also Cody (he had worked on the brand for quite sometime and knew the cars inside out really well too). I think I have put 3k or 4k on the car since We completed the project, still runs amazing. Larry bought for me the odometer from the junkjard at the time of the swap, it was reading a ridiculous amount of kilometers (as mine is a canadian car), so before Larry gave it to me he roll it back to 5670 Kilometers, my car had at the time of the swap (213000 kms), I never changed the reading in the odometer, so my car has ~8800 kilometers at this point (Sept 2023).
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