pontiac truck

geeze i havent updated this thread for awhile-

changed the fuel tank ( fixed the stumble off idle)

constantly using oil- slowed down by using oil additive xm5- but not an actual ''fix''

compression has been getting worse. one hole is at 0.

turbo swap in progress at the moment- trying to take pics as i go-
russel had a dead hole

kid under dash to pull ecm IMG_2394.JPGIMG_2397.JPGthe 1st cat convertor of 2 IMG_2400.JPGIMG_2402.JPGnow hollowed outIMG_2401.JPGthe turbo powerplant is mounted and
hooked up!!IMG_2403.JPGIMG_2404.JPG

will need a good bath. gave it a crank, and i have spark, but now waiting on the new fuel pump to arrive.
fuel tanks have been dropped. all wiring harness have been changed. had to swap the inner dash harness, the dash pad was damaged in the turbo car. had an extra turbo dash and harness upstairs- that dash is damaged as well- grrr so wife still had to swap dash harness -
wife also swapped out the door vents from the turbo door panels- (the door panels are junk, but the vents and door pulls are in decent shape)

youngest son and i swapped the forward harness , and firewall / ecm harness. the wiring is there for the fog lights, but i may or may not change the bumper- that means more painting...

oldest son tasked himself with replacing the exhaust manifold gasket and crusty exhaust manifold nuts/ bolts. he also took apart , and removed the one of two cat convertors that are specific to the turbo 3 models- mounted right below the turbo.
he then mounted the turbo exhaust front half section- bolts right in place of the n/a exhaust pipe.

i only have 3 of 4 new end links for the sway bars-???? maybe i used one of the four on the gti? cant remember- will order more.
will be swapping all the suspension from the turbo car onto russel. front knuckles are in, as well as the newer struts from the turbo car-
also swapped the clutch cable- the rubber boot was torn on the cable in russel, plus it was getting stiff-and the speedo cable snapped off in the speedo housing- so, change speedo cable.
swapped out the turn signal stalk, lubed it all up with lithium spray

flushed &back-flushed the heater core. cleaned out the heater box.
installed newer dual core rad and metal shroud rad fan.

it was a productive week-end !!