RHB32 rebuild kit


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Anyone knows if it's still available to order the full rebuild kit? I asked locally and not available. ;\

Just consider to ask here first then I will try to contact turbo MS (old turbine turbo tech) and or try to find one from alixpress or ebay.
turbine tech doesnt do a good job, or stand behind his work on these turbos.
Yeah and I sorta feel that the original turbos for these are just a non starter at this point, no good way to rebuild and so these turbo engines are pretty much doa unless your willing to put in the work to get it to work with a different turbo, and my understanding there is that there isn't a perfect drop in replacement on that front. I'd think twice about picking up one of these turbo cars at the moment, really not a great choice unless you are willing to o beyond just factory stuff.
thats how i feel when i take my turbo out-is this the day that the turbo fails? or do i just run it until the guts come out?
Well I have some bad turbo and want to rebuild it so I can use it if something goes happen... and or sell it with other T3 engine I had.
A rebuild kit will not work if your CHRA is damaged. The following areas need to be inspected before buying a rebuild kit or trying to rebuild: back seal ring surface, any part of the turbine especially the seal ring groove, back of compressor wheel, back exhaust seal plate (usually it will get a crack or tear in it). Some quick searches out there and you can still get CHRA complete with turbine and compressor wheel. However, usually these are listed for other vehicles. This is where you would need the exact specs of your turbo exhaust housing and compressor wheel, and the inset bore diameter of CHRA that goes into the exhaust housing. If the measurements are all smaller that will be fine since you can bore them to match. However, I think there is a good chance that these measurements will match.

Looking at the problem from a wider angle is a non-availability for parts for these turbos. I know I plan on keeping my T3 turbo going for some time. I'm fortunate to have a good running turbo at the moment, but at some point it will fail. I think an aftermarket turbo exhaust manifold will solve these problems. I want it to fit with AC and nothing elaborate like my ram horn T3 manifold for my 1.3 dohc. I think a practical log style similar to stock would work just fine. There are a few small frame 3 bolt turbos out there, but I think a small t25 opening would be more practical. I would keep it as an internal actuated with a fairly small four/five bolt out to a 2.5" downpipe. This would get rid of all those restrictions in the stock o2 housing, and down pipe. I would make a out adapter to fit the aluminum out pipe to keep the rest stock. The trick would be to find a turbo that is used in production that is common.
There's still OE turbos out there if you're willing to pay the price. And there's other ones that will work, you just have to get a little creative.
But for the price of an OE turbo you could probably upgrade with an available turbo and find a good fabricator to make a manifold.
Nowadays you can do practically anything. Gotta think outside the box. It's not just what you know, it's also who you know.

2G's too much for an OE turbo or custom setup? Not if you think about the long term savings in fuel, or a car payment.
Every morning I watch the prehistoric Ford Diesel Expedition across the street, start and idle for like 15 minutes before the single
driver drives off and think why? Why are you commuting in that thing? and why are you taking up 3 parking spots? Gotta be like
$125 to fill the tank at least! 15.. maybe 20 MPG?

(yeah, I know our cars are prehistoric, but they're cool as hell!)