T3 exhaust manifold starting place.


Hey guys I have a CA emissions 3 cyl manifold that would make a great starting place for someone looking to build a turbo manifold for the 3 cyl G10 engines. It has a 3 bolt pattern on the bottom side you can use as a start. It also has a built in 02 sensor. This will make it much easier for you to make your turbo exhaust manifold. Its $75 + shipping in the US or Canada. Let me know. Murf
Could not figure out how to add pics on first post. So had to add them in the next one. Sorry.


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where is the catalyst section with the flange for the turbo? i guess you could make your own adapter flange to fit any turbo....
I have one that is complete, but it will leave you welding cast iron. Best to start with this top and make your own collector. This save making the whole upper part. Its a nice short cut. Lets see if I can post a picture of a complete one.