Transmission Identification


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Recently purchased a transmission I was told was a 4.39:1 out of a convertible. Today I was preparing it for installation when I noticed it had black rtv applied to all of the sealing surfaces. Factory used grey sealer so I know someone was in there. Is there a way to identify if it is a 439?
Rustyoid said:
Thank you Rustyoid. I used the out of car method and I'm satisfied the transaxle is a 4.39:1 I just hope the silicone someone used is up to the task. Ok it's installation day!
Glad to hear it's the right trans. I thought it would be. The sealer has been on there for at least 6 years. I had it for nearly 5 but as you know, it didn't see much driving during that time. A couple of times up the block and back and some from moving it around the yard. Then it was removed from the car about 3-3.5 years ago.