blueturbofly said:
it is. kept my shop at a balmy 22*c today, while i worked on the isuzu, my son worked on the honda atv, and the wife worked on holding the couch down while sleeping on it-
a good day for all....

Whoaw you really have a family "Man cave" :)
Did you have much work on the Isuzi?
Walt said:
blueturbofly said:
it is. kept my shop at a balmy 22*c today, while i worked on the isuzu, my son worked on the honda atv, and the wife worked on holding the couch down while sleeping on it-
a good day for all....

Whoaw you really have a family "Man cave" :)
Did you have much work on the Isuzi?

just some minor stuff before winter really hits. replaced the interior lights with all led units, front and back. i had led cob panels in the oem interior lights, but they didnt last as long, AND melted the lens....
so, a pair of 4 inch round led up front, and a 4 x 10 led in the rear cargo area. i like my light... :laugh:
had the doors apart, the door locks were really sticky drivers door didnt want to work at all...-cleaned and lubed those,the ig cylinder, as well as the window tracks and guides..
when i arrived home thursday, the wife had put the trooper the shop- thats when i noticed a oil leak :-( ....power steering high pressure hose has failed. order new one friday, should be here monday :-o rock auto is quick!!!

fixed the block heater cord end, topped up coolant and oil- this 3.2 eats engine oil-but i dont feel like taking it apart. it is some straight up pain in the a$$ Japanese engineering...
replaced a inop delay wiper switch, and change a few of the micro bulbs in the switches to led....

just general maintenance, i guess..
more heater testing and mods-

installed heat exchanger tubes- now, some there must be some way to direct air thru them...what do i have....but more suzuki parts!!

i tried a cpu fan, but not enough cfm thru the 3 tubes- will use a hair dryer- that moves alot of air.

then we got it hot...


and the kid brought out some corndogs...

all in all a good day. still needs a few tweaks here and there, but it does heat the shop rather nicely...next month its supposed to drop below -20*c...and i have had -40 *c weather for a few weeks at a time....
i have picked up some free to me tools- a guy was cleaning out old sheds at his farm-asked me if i was interested in any of the stuff- so i took a look-

came home with a trailer almost full of random tools- not so much in the wrench /screwdriver department, but larger items like:

a shopsmith lathe
a jeweler's lathe
craftmaster band saw
rockwell table saw, cast iron top
belt sander-old school cast aluminum housing
national n54 tube radio, has police/shortwave/am/ marine settings
a motorola 100 watt police base radio
tube testing machine
variac-a/c voltage regulator
dwell /tach tester machine- new in box-
2 belt driven grinders- one is 110% home-made, the other is a proper old school belt drive, double stone bench grinder-
2 dewalt 18 volt batteries and 3, 18 volt chargers-they match what i currently use-
4 military fuel cans
barrel with hand pump
small cutting/ brazing torch

about 1200 rhythm and blues compact discs :-o

and whatever else he finds when cleaning up, he will call me... :-D

the tools are mostly from the 50's -early 60's- they all work, just need some tlc- new bearings and cords...
That sounds like a very great deal :-D
Have fun restoring the tools.
And listen to the rythem and blues cd's :party:
i will post some pics of the tools-

with these two lathes i could turn my own custom parts for these cars :-D

my own lightened flywheels and crank pulleys :laugh:
spent some time clearing boxes and shelves , of stuff that has been piled up- found a box of new lifters and many random new gaskets- just in time for another n/a rebuild...
since my oldest son has moved back home, and he doesn't (can't) work, i have tasked him with the project of making the waste oil heater better-to start with, a larger combustion fan- moves a lot more air. more air +more fuel =more heat !!!
will be adding more heat exchanger tubes, as well as a better sealing door, made out of 1/4 steel plate. will make the exhaust larger as well, so it seals better on the 6 inch pipe.

the main blower pipe has been upsized , from 1 inch pipe, to heavy wall 2inch pipe- my son added a damper, in the tube, to control cfm output-
the first test run he did went well, the heat rose quickly when the fan was switched on, and was well over 900 degrees f , with fire out the top stack- once more heat exchanger tubes are added, it will help keep the flames out of the exhaust, and stay in the chamber.

will build an oil feed using 1/2 steel pipe- the 1/2 copper tubing gets coked up, and bends too easily.

i already have a couple hundred liters of waste oil in steel barrels, and my son rebuilt a transfer pump so i can always have the smaller tank in the shop full and ready to go.

hoping to make more use of the waste oil heater, and only have to fill my propane tank just once , for this winter coming up-last time the tank was filled it was close to $1000 !!!
a few more mods on the waste oil shop heater-

welded 1/2 black pipe for the oil drip tube, sealed compression fitting for drip line into the burning chamber...
IMG_2375.JPGactual door installed-IMG_2376.JPGIMG_2377.JPGthe burner arrangement-

i installed a larger, 6 inch exhaust stack, vs the 4 inch stack- matches the exhaust pipe better. a quick burn and it was showing a good rise in temp, alot quicker than the old design-
now a few touch-ups on the door hinge, and power venting plumbing for the heat exchanger-

just had my propane tank filled- bill was just over $800- ugh
fancy door latch- a broken spanner wrench !!!
IMG_2378.JPGIMG_2384.JPGfull view of complete set-upIMG_2380.JPG

temp in american degrees
temp in worldwide degrees

blower fan for heat exchanger tubes

IMG_2383.JPGdid show great results. hardly a leak from the door, had temps well over 500*c. seems to be more efficient on oil-

now onto some car work. its still well above freezing right now- kinda odd for this time of year. no snow at the moment, either...
oldest son has a few days off, he has offered to do a driveline swap for me....