What did you do to your Swift today

try reversing up the hill, these cars have more traction in reverse...

one of my almost new snow tires picked up a nail near the crown, had a flat at work the other day. filled with air and went home, thought it was a bead leak-
( aluminum wheels)but nope-
need to remove from wheel to repair.

4 x 4.5 bolt pattern on the wheels. majority of 14'' wheels should fit. i have a set of 14''hyundai wheels, that wont fit over front gti brakes- so i use them on the other cars.
Yeah tried the revers up the hill :) ......still didn't make it :bored:

Went and looked for some 4 bolt 115x4 14" rims at the junk yards nothing... maybe next week some will come in.
nothing to the 5 of them that i drive- but i may be swapping drivelines in the pontiac firefly truck- the engine is getting REALLY tired, i dont feel like rebuilding ANOTHER n/a engine....so a complete turbo swap may be in its future. EVERYTHING from the extra t3 donor car-dash, wiring, suspension. fuel pump/tank, etc, etc etc ;-) ....but now that summer is coming i need to get some outside work done first.... :-(
Yep, been drive drive driving mine. :) Nice to have the zip to move around traffic as needed :devil: And yes I feel your pain...had to rebuild too many engines...would like to just drive em. :laugh:





brought 2 in for work- one for lca's , and the other for an oil change / noisy rear bearing.

removed the failure prone oem ball joint boots , installed polyurethane boots and extra grease.
replaced the worn shifter bushings, and one badly worn shifter bolt. one lca was rusted on, the other came off , like it was installed yesterday-
i had all the parts i needed on hand, for my son and i to repair these items. i did the lca's and shifter bushings, my son did the oil change and rear bearings-its only fair that he does some of the work, he does drive this car back and forth to work- until i finish his car in the next few weeks. waiting on parts....

i dont know which is tighter- the new ball-joints, or the new bushings/ thru bolt in the shifter rod - :laugh:
oh and all oem suzuki parts- i buy parts in larger quantities- i would rather have it, and not need it, then need it, and not have it....
gave my youngest boys car a once-over before he starts driving it full time. new Michelin tires, powder-coated wheels and matching new black lugnuts.
already has a new clutch , fresh trans fluid and a fresh rebuilt 1.0 with only 500? km on it.
wiped down the interior, cleaned & lubed the door seals, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned the windows and mirrors. may have to adjust the drivers door handle- you need to pull up fairly high / hard to get the door to ''pop'' open.
my son injured his hand at work last week, so they gave him the week off with pay-but he cant do to much with one hand. no big deal, its what i do.
a few minor items to fix on the kids car, no big deal. mpg was a pathetic 51.5 mpg :laugh: - may get better as the engine gets broken in. has alot of pep for a n/a 1.0. the power is smooth and surprising, it shifts like butter, easily stays at cruising speed when on the highway, as compared to my other well worn 1.o n/a engines. i dont have to drive it with the gas pedal thru the floor, to keep up with traffic- thats nice .


Door lock rod zip-tie fix. Keeps the door lock rod from bouncing when moved back and forth. Makes for a nice positive engagement of the lock / unlock mechanism in the door.
Repaired loose drivers side mirror. Replaced pass side mirror housing- it had a broken stud.

Cleaned and lubed all the latches , linkages and pivot points on the door latch mechanisms. adjusted the drivers outer door handle, door ''pops'' open much better.
Hi Drew,
I followed some of your posts bc you have a gt turbo. I managed to acquire a swapped 89 gt engine with turbo and tranny in a 91 Geo metro shelf. It was a fun car until recently the engine smoked and lost and lost a lot of oil ( blow by ). I intend to rebuild it but hesitate about the high compression. What pistons you're using ? PSI of the adjustable fuel regulator ? Did you manage to install the knock censor ? Have you an extra CULTUS GTI ECU ( CULTUS GTI is what I need ) I want to buy from you. Please I need A LOT OF ADVICE AND INFO from you to keep my car going and reliable.
Sorry my language is not English and I'm also not a articulate person.
Thank you very much for reading my post.
Son Le ( 92convert)
car still has a high idle, even with the idle air screw turned all the way in....? must have a vac leak somewhere. will go over all the hoses AGAIN and use propane while its idling, see if i can pin-point the problem.
doors work great!!!
had the tires balanced. 3 out of 4 wheels are bent.... :mad:
got home, could smell raw gas- fuel filler pipe rusted thru... :-o replaced with good used one.
had an exhaust leak- found the section of exhaust pipe that goes around the fuel tank almost crushed flat from age and road debris ☹
i did notice the engine temps a little higher than usual- too much back pressure !!!
oh and needs an oil change...

so much for my kid driving his car this week- its sitting up on jack-stands until the parts arrive...
new exhaust pipe installed. sprayed the rear inner wheel wheels and trunk pan with rubberized undercoating. changed a worn shifter bolt and bushings. polished the headlamps.
wife installed a piece of mudflap, protecting the fuel filler pipe. she also wrapped the fuel filler pipe in old rubber floormat and zip-ties. protected really well from the gravel road / debris.
now my son can take it to work tomorrow....
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the block i wanted to re-use is no good. too much damage and it cant be bored anymore unless i re-sleeve the block.
i have a 1.0 with a dead hole sitting in the shop- will tear it apart and take it in to get the block bored , the head gone over, and check the crank rods and mains....ugh need to order more parts...:(
did not take the engine apart that is under the bench- i found a block with oem bore, but no crank-shaft- found a crankshaft under another bench-looks good, but unknown journal sizes-have a loose head with a burnt exhaust valve, candidate for rebuild. will port match the head to the intake / exhaust gaskets before i take it in for rebuilding.
Spent 5 hours working out the Hondata Canbus to talk to the AEM CD5 dash :rolleyes:o_O even made a trip to the local electronics shop for a 60c 120ohm resistor.
Sorted now; but what a mission! always learning.


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Also started preparing SRSGTI for another test day; after Honda Nationals has been announced to occur in Australia at Winton Raceway in October.

Need to go for a full alignment
Full Service

And go get some more wheel time!


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First road test of the white GTi yesterday, successful wheel spinning fun


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