What did you do to your Swift today

patched a hole in the kids car exhaust pipe. cheaper and easier than having a shop do the repair. no more puttering from under the car now!!

brought the '87 in for a few things. wont stay idling on its own, but drives fine and has good power...???? will grab the fsm and do some reading....
need to find better front seats for it- the oem seats from 1987 aren't the greatest.....
took apart another carb, for cleaning then install into the '87. it currently runs great down the highway, lots of power, but falls on its face when coming to an idle- it just sputters and dies. must be an issue with the idle circuit in the carb.
ran the carb parts thru the ultrasonic, then a gunk carb cleaner soak, then a final aerosol air intake cleaner , then followed by compressed air...now to wait for the carb rebuild kit to arrive....at least its the aisin carb, not a hitachi feedback carb-
swapped out the three bent wheels for 3 straight wheels, on the kids chevy sprint. installed led bulbs in the rear tail-lamps.

need to balance the tires- they dont shake like the bent wheels-the kid says it rides smooth after 160....!!!! and he says the engine still has more to give...
my son did this at 5:30 this morning on his way to work- he is fine, the car isnt. it was on its side when wife and i arrived. he was in the ambulance when we got there. bumps bruises and minor cuts. caught the edge of the road and over-corrected. waited for police to get their statement and pictures. then we flipped it over. would not crank-hydrolocked with oil. dragged it home, muffler fell off, stopped to pick it up- i tried the starter again, and it struggled to crank, then finally fired up, lettting out HUGE PLUMES of smoke-but was running on all 3! tried the gears, they work- unhooked the tow rope, and drove it the rest of the way home.IMG_2362.JPGIMG_2363.JPG


handles funny. might need a wheel alignment.
Painted my mk3 GTi


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changed spark plugs in the pontiac truck. noticed it was stubborn to start when damp-yup, plugs were well worn. new ngk bpr5es installed. changed the air filter. had a low tire- but no apparent leaks...? will check it again.
wife changed the broken door handle on the pontiac truck- the retaining clip for the latch rod was broken, the one mounting lug was pulled out of the plastic as well.

swapped out the subwoofers in the kids car. stereo is now louder and more efficient....imagine that !!!
fixed a wire for a headlamp bulb. tested the block heater (intake warmer)
lubed door seals, hinges, latches, window tracks.
cleaned all the glass, interior and exterior. cleaned interior.

winter is coming....
Rolled (or hammered) the inner fenders on the GTi to prevent rubbing. Also met with a dude with a Samurai who did a GTi swap.


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Been working on the daily. It was time for a new MOT. Checked the body and found the usual rust and holes. Cut the rust out and welded new plates in. Atleast I know why it was always wet inside when raining.
Replaced the stock engine mounts with PU ones. Now it shifts well :) Only it vribrates a lot.
But it passed the MOT with the compliments from the supervisor.
I am happy with that :D
got our first blast of snow / cold. kid has new winter tires on his car, i have some older but ok winter tires on mine. changed oil n filter on his car. he installed the nicer sedan seats.
ran larger power cable for the amp in his car- went from 8 ga too 4 ga- having an issue with the headlamps dimming with the bass- none of my other cars do that with big stereos in them- i already have a 55 amp alt installed, its charging fine, maybe time to load test the battery-? or, this may just be a power hungry amp that is installed-its a 500wrms d class mono block, can be run at 2 ohms or less-and its at 2 ohms right now.
all i can tell ya is that the bass hits hard-REAL hard- havent had one hit like this , since the set-up in my wife's t3 car......