What did you do to your Swift today

my oldest son offered to help with a t3 swap into russel- the 1.0 n/a is very tired, and i have an extra complete t3 donor car- so why not? the donor car is beyond putting back on the road- it has so much rust, as well as the door hinges are welded on, and the very shoddy rust repair that someone tried to do-
but it does run good. the fuel pump is toast from sitting-odd, because i had fuel stabilizer , as well as start them on a regular basis- but hey, its a 1989 donor, with 385, xxx k on it- the turbo engines sure do outlast the n/a engines-
complete swap, not sure on the body kit- if it were red, i would install it in a heartbeat. i do not feel like painting the blue, to make it red- its bad enough i am going to re-paint the hood-IMG_2386.JPGIMG_2391.JPGIMG_2389.JPGIMG_2388.JPGIMG_2390.JPG