What did you do to your Swift today

my oldest son offered to help with a t3 swap into russel- the 1.0 n/a is very tired, and i have an extra complete t3 donor car- so why not? the donor car is beyond putting back on the road- it has so much rust, as well as the door hinges are welded on, and the very shoddy rust repair that someone tried to do-
but it does run good. the fuel pump is toast from sitting-odd, because i had fuel stabilizer , as well as start them on a regular basis- but hey, its a 1989 donor, with 385, xxx k on it- the turbo engines sure do outlast the n/a engines-
complete swap, not sure on the body kit- if it were red, i would install it in a heartbeat. i do not feel like painting the blue, to make it red- its bad enough i am going to re-paint the hood-IMG_2386.JPGIMG_2391.JPGIMG_2389.JPGIMG_2388.JPGIMG_2390.JPG
changed a leaking rad in the kids car. changed out a headlamp bulb. installed tinted windows , drivers and passengers doors. replaced the drivers side window regulator. chased a problematic signal light- corrosion inside the socket, bulb would not flash-swap out tail-lamp harness for a good one. once swapped, installed led signal lamp bulbs.
polished the headlamps on the kids car.
changed the alt belt.
topped up fluids.
back out for the -35*c drive to work, this morning-
changed out a leaking brake master cylinder on the kids car. flushed out the old brake fluid when bleeding the brakes.
rotated his tires.
changed a failed air horn compressor on the kids car- he took the compressor apart, the permanent magnet inside had split in half and jammed up the motor-
now he has nice loud horns again. people dont seem to see these small cars, but the air horns get their attention real quick!!!
Was able to help out an old friend.
With some engine trouble.
Who still got his Fast and the Furious rebuild :ROFLMAO:
I still got the Suzuki Tuning Club cap from 2000 :oops:


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