What did you do to your Swift today

dropped the driveline out of the kids car- oil leak between trans and engine, clutch slipping-

Rear main seal was pushed out of its bore at the bottom, rubbing against a lip on the flywheel , wore a hole thru the seal...

cleaned up and installed a new seal, with pematex around the outer edge of the seal to help hold it in place-then the re-surfaced flywheel, new clutch kit and bearings-

Then the boy mentioned the temp was over 1/2 while driving- so change the t-stat- the housings had very minor leaks and needed to be fixed anyways. installed new gaskets and a 180* t-stat , for the summer hot months-
Then found that the water pump was leaking from the weep hole- so change the water pump as well.
timing belt was still in good shape, so re-tension it with just the spring, and lock the idler down in place.

Today, possible new mounts, flush heater core and rad while driveline is out, install driveline , and a new fuel filter.

too bad the old clutch disc shows hardly any wear, the machine marks still on the flywheel- but from being covered in engine oil, it is junk.
kid blew a heater hose just before he got home- further inspection, the hose was damaged when the pliers bit the hose-
no damage to the engine, just the kids hurt feelings.....ha ha
actually didnt lose much coolant. replaced hose, and away we go !!!