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Anybody know what our original wheel size was? 4 x 114.3mm with some kind of offset?

I am running a 195/50 r15 tire... no problems, will rub slightly on bumps in the rear but no rubbing on extreme cornering. The wheel have plenty of room for the brakes. :p

I would like to fit a thin cheap tire for winter driving. I have a number of 13" winter studded tires on hand but need to find the right tire that will fit our GTs, any help here appreciated. :)
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a gti will need 14' wheels to clear the front brake calipers. gt cars may have the smaller front calipers , like a vert, and 13'' wheels will fit.
Unless you intentional put vert brakes on the front of a GT most 13" wheels will not fit over the front GT(i) brakes. I have seen photos of a 13" wheel that fit over the front GT(i) brakes but good luck finding it now. I want to say it was some kind of gravel wheel. Even if you found a set that was in good shape it would not be cheap.

Our original wheel size of the steelies is 14 x 114.3 with I believe a 5.5" wheel. The offset should be around 32 mm. Original tire would 175 R 14.

Most common size for most tire venders currently for 14 is 185 R 14. I just put some 14" Konig White Lightnings on my Red Swift/ Chevy Turbo car. They are 6" with a 38 mm offset. I use a 5 mm hub center to properly install the front since the hub is 73.1 mm and the stock hub diameter is 60.1". If you don't care about it being hub centered, and you don't care what they look like, and don't care that they're 20 lbs a piece just use the 14" steelies. Most other wheels even without the hub center spacer will require longer studs to get enough lug nut turns on them. The spacing turned out great and no rub, but the car is at stock height. If I lowered it which I'm not going to it would potentially rub with these wheel on.

Interesting to note that my 15 4x114.3 6.5j Volk TE37with a combined offset of 35" fit better under the wheel wells then the Konig. I believe maybe that one of the two companies doesn't measure their offset correctly or they set the bead width and add a lot of extra width to the wheels. This where back spacing comes in to play, not to mention the actual wheel width vs. bead width.
Thanks for the reply guys :) The ones I am looking for are for winter driving. I have a lot of 4 hole choices in my local pick a part yard, the chore is trying to find the 114.3. have to check out mostly older cars with nice factory or upgraded. Really looking for aluminum, the wheels above came with the car but missing and messed up center caps and very dirty, and one is bent but has been mostly balanced out. 4 wheels and tires at my yard are under $100 so very reasonable.

I found some American Racing 4 bolt wheels at the yard and took one off of a 04 Suzuki Renegade.... thought it might not work and put it by the car but after some research I think it would have fit but someone took just that one wheel :mad: the tire was junk so don't know why someone would take just the one... :doubt: crazy... on the hunt.
If your not looking to spend much money you need to measure the the stock wheel thickness of the steelies, or the original GT(i) 5 spoke aluminum stock option. Most aftermarket wheels will be too thick and require you to replace the studs with longer ones. If you do a google search wheel spacers geometroforum.com you will come up with a thread of mine for the appropriate ARP wheel studs. Dorman makes one set that will work for cheaper, but not too much longer then stock studs. The Konig White Lightnings while not my favorite look are only 12.1 lbs a piece, but even without the spacers you will probably not get enough turns on the lugs. I picked them up last winter when they were $100 off for four. At $100 piece, $300 plus tax was not bad at all for four aftermarket light weight, brand new wheels. However, without the spacer you are at 38 mm offset which will make the scrub radius difficult.
Thanks for the info. Yeah I saw a few possibilities today some 86 to 01 hondas civics and one prelude and accords to what I saw had some 114.3s and all four aluminums they were just to rough to go with. A lot of just steel winter wheels out there right now in the 4 bolt size I am looking for many that are 100 or other. :)