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By Miniswift
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Hi people,

I hope you boys and girls are safe!
I bought 15″ Honda Integra wheels.

What size do you recommend?
My car is mk1 Gti but with mk3 AWD floor pan so it is bit different but I would like to look sleeper.
My thought is 175 50 15 from Falken, Hangkook , Vredestein or Kumho.

Does any of you use this size?
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I run a 6.5″ 195 15 50 with a combined 35 mm offset BF Goodridge Super G-force. I don’t have any idea if the mk3 awd floor pan in the rear is any different than a mk3 GT. I would imagine it is similar. I have to roll out my rear fender very slightly (maybe a few millimeters) or I rub when I drop down into a hard turn or corner. What is the wheel width and offset? In general it is a combination between offset, wheel width, and tire width. A 6″ 205 15 50 might rub on the out side fender with a 35 mm offset, but a 6″ 195 15 50 will most likely clear the rear fender of a MK3. Anything greater than a 35 mm offset will rub on or be super close to the inside fender in the rear over 5.5″ wheel. A 175 15 50 should not be running on anything over 6″ and as long it is a 32 or 35 mm offset it will fit. I like running on 50s vs. 45. Just a little bit more cushion. Again I’m basing it of an MK3 GT setup and not an AWD.

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