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One of the Atlanta members here who has been a teamswift member since the beginning is clearing out his massive stash of parts as quickly as possible starting now. He is selling them to raise money to finally finish his last swift and has asked me to facilitate selling all it. In exchange he is splitting whatever we get from it for me to use toward my car and running the forum. I just went over today and picked up the first drop of stuff. I haven’t gone through much of it yet. But I have taken pictures of some of the bigger stuff. He’s hoping to clear this out as quickly as possible so spread the news I’ll try to get through more of this as soon as possible. In the meantime if you are looking for something literally anything at all post it up and I’ll see what can be done. Odds are pretty good it’s in this stash. This is just a drop in the bucket there is lots more to come.

I will start making a list of parts soon but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. There is anything you can think of body parts exterior parts engine parts suspension parts sensors wiring harnesses gauges seat belts on and on. Easily the biggest cache of swift parts that has been seen or available in a long time. These photos are just a small sample of what’s here.

I’ll be updating this as I go.
Partial List So Far:
Side Skirts With Attachment Rails: 150 - @Swifterthanu
Rear Bumper 92 GT and Newer Style with foam insert: 150 - @Soupysloth
Front Bumper Foam Insert: 75
Right Side GT Tail Light: 20
Full Set Metro Tail Lights: 20
Center Tail Light Blank Plate:20
Center Tail Light Lite:20
Factory GT Springs:20
Rear Disc Brake Hubs Set Left & Right: 200 - Sold
Late model thicker GT front sway bar: 50
Factory Plastic Swift Headlights Full Sets: 25
One Set- @GT4LIFE
More available.
Clutch and brake peddle assembly: 75
Washer Bottle dual motor for rear window: 25
Heater Core: 20
Squirrel Cage/BlowerBox: 20
Front Wipers with the Air Blade: 40 for set of wipers
AC Delete Pipe: Not sure on price ask if interested.
F3 ECU: 150
Rear Partial Shelf Mounts: 50 - @GT4LIFE
Turn Signal Assembly: 100
Remote Hatch Release and Fuel Door Assembly: 50 - Sold
MAF Sensor includes housing and airbox: 125
Bought one- @Walt
Another available.
Upper and Lower GT Timing Cover: 20
GT Center Console: 15
GT Handbrake Console Plastic: 10
Radio/Console Bezel for 89-91: 35
89-91 GTi Cluster cover is foggy and will need polished or replaced: 35

I’ll cross things off the list or add them back as they are sold or more of them found got a long ways to go here folks.
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jcr557 wrote:

I don’t see them in the pictures but if you come across any steering wheels, Gt/gti shift knobs or clusters, let me know. I’ll take them.

There where some clusters for USDM 89 to 91 and some parts from Euro spec 92 to 94. There may be a steering wheel. We just barely dug into things.
Murf wrote:

Is there a set of 7 spoke GT wheels maybe??? I am on the road to Geo Jangle as of this writing. In Flagstaff. Would love to buy a set of 4, 5 would be better.

I haven’t seen those yet and if they did pop up I might call dibs. :grinning:
Walt wrote:

If there is a Air Flow Meter (AFM sensor)
I would like to buy that ;-)

Yes there are some for sure I believe it’s the air box and MAF housing with the sensor as a whole unit.
pilkguns wrote: Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:54 pm

Cool stuff. Wish he could make it to the Geo Jangle
Y’all come, you got a week to get here

It sounds like fun, wish I had the time to come up. It’s way to much stuff to drag to a meet though we’d need a truck and good sized trailer.

I’ve started updating the first post with a partial list of items and prices so far.
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