Missing parts from your Jalopy?
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By DriverNaut
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Hey guys, my name is John. I had a 1994 Suzuki Swift GA for some time and loved it! I had to part with that car because I went into rehab and had nowhere to store it. I just finished the 13-month rehab program and really want to own a Swift again!

I am in the market for a Mk1 / Mk2 Suzuki Swift GA, GT, or GTi. I found one recently on Facebook marketplace in California and am not in love with the price, but realize how rare these cars are. I’m located in Phoenix, AZ, and can drive out there to check it out, but wanted to see what y’all think it’s worth. I know the used car market is crazy right now, so I’m unsure how to price these or what to look for. If y’all have better options of cars for sale, I’d appreciate you sending them my way regardless of where they are located as I’m willing to ship the car, if I’m buying from a trusted forum member.

I appreciate any and all feedback. Here’s the link for the Suzuki Swift GT on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it ... 628787013/
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By DrelvisGTi
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Hi Mate,

The car looks pretty clean from the photos! Mostly original with only a few cosmetic additions. You won’t find too many more like it I think.

Rust is the real deal killer though, but possibly not so bad in a car from CAL (?) Mind you I’m located in Australia so maybe not the best person to ask… :-) $4K USD appears to be on the high side, but again I’m in Oz Land so completely different here.

  1. Look for rust underneath and under sills! In fact look everywhere. Big time. Take a trolley jack with you!

  2. Gearbox and/or clutch should be getting tired by now. 2nd gear is the worst offender and the synchros wear out early if not treated well. Look for crunching or hesitancy changing first to second. Full rebuilds are not cheap. Parts are also getting scarce.

  3. Check for lurching at low speeds- say when idling along in 1st gear around a car park. Also look for tell-tale rust stains around the lower timing cover and around the lower timing pulley area. Woodruff key on the crank holding the timing pulley in place can flog out the crank keyway and this is essentially an engine out and rebuild job. Then either find yourself another G13B crank or get the old one machined up with a new keyway located 180 degrees from the old. Either way it will be expensive.

  4. A compression check on all cylinders never hurt anyone!

  5. Rear brake calliper sliders love to seize up. Not hard to fix but another PITA issue.

  6. OPTIONAL: Check for error codes with a spare fuse in the ‘DIAG’ slot in the fuse holder under the dash. The check engine light will start flashing sequences sort of like morse code. I’m pretty sure there will be info out there online to explain the codes. I can help otherwise. If you get code 12 (ie flash and then flash-flash) happy days!

  7. Consider maybe haggling with the promise of real currency. Obviously a risk there but it’s amazing what a fist full of green can achieve sometimes with a prospective seller… especially if any of the symptoms above rear their ugly heads… DO NOT take cash to the first inspection. Bring a friend with you as well who is not into Suzukis for that ‘calming influence’ that sometimes we do need when purchasing a GTi.

Hoping that helps in some way. Good luck with both your Suzuki and Life journey!


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By DriverNaut
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Wow! Thanks for the information!! I’ll definitely take everything you listed into account! I really appreciate the extensive information and knowledge you listed Drew! Thank you so much! I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do or what comes of this.
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