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Hi All,

Ordered “Suzuki SF413 Supplementary Service Manual for GTi ” Part Number: 99501-64B00-01E from MegaZip a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately got an email today telling me that the order has been cancelled. Now I’m awaiting refund…

Apparently it is now officially out of print and the part will be removed as being available from their site. :-(

Anyone got one for sale? Looking for the real deal, not PDF!



macuserman wrote: Tue Mar 01, 2022 12:44 pm

https://www.ebay.ca/sch/canuk-audio-vid ... 3561.l2562

Might check him out he posted this stuff on FB but said he didn’t want to join the forum. Anyhow have a look.

Thanks Mate!

I appreciate the help.

Some very good ones there that I’ve missed somehow during my searching but I’m afraid I’m still chasing that elusive manual as a genuine hard copy…

I’ve googled that part number to death almost and some places still list it for sale new! I’ve contacted all one-by-one (including some cancelled eBay entries) but nothing has come of it so far except for the sellers to confirm it’s discontinued and then update their websites!

I’ll never give up searching though and I will be successful one day! ;-)

Mind you, while searching last week I did manage to find locally the SA413 Service Manual plus the SA413 GTi Supplement as a pair (dirt cheap) which are probably even rarer! :-o I couldn’t realistically pass up the opportunity to rescue them and they arrived in the post just this afternoon! So to all the Mk.1 GTi Guys out there, feel free to send me any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to answer them! :-)



I’m getting closer… and my search terms are getting broader as I spend more time online and am gaining more experience! Switching to German and French languages is also helping!

Today I found “Suzuki SF413 Supplementary Service Manual for GTi ” Part Number: 99501-64B10-01E for Air-Bag. So very close! But no prize. .. :-( Good for the collection shelf anyway! :-)

It also came with another manual thrown in basically for free! “Suzuki SF413 Supplementary Service Manual for Convertible” Part number: 99501-63B40-01E. Nice! ;-)

I’m starting to feel a bit like that cop from the Blues Brothers film… “I’m gonna catch that sucker. If it’s the last thing…I…ever…do…” :laugh:



ITEM FOUND! Thanks to everyone who assisted. :grinning:

It was a crazy journey with phone calls, SMS text messages, emails, eBay messages to sellers and daily internet searches of the part number plus different search terms (plus I also picked up a few interesting items along the way…)

Current inventory of rescued manuals:

  • 99500-82600-01E SA413 Service Manual
  • 99501-82651-01E SA413 Supplementary Service Manual for GTi and GXi Models
  • 99500-63B01-01E SF413 Service Manual
  • 99501-63B30-01E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual
  • 99500-64B01-01E SF413 Service Manual- GTi
  • 99501-64B00-01E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual- GTi
  • 99501-64B10-01E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual- GTi (Airbag)
  • 99501-63B10-01E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual for Sedan
  • 99501-63B40-01E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual for Convertible
  • 99501-60B10-01E SF310/SF413/SF416 Supplementary Service Manual- Body Service
  • 99512-64B00-33E Swift 1993 Wiring Diagram Manual
  • 99501-80E00-01E SF Series Supplementary Service Manual
  • 9900B-80078-021 Suzuki Cultus 1300 AA34S, AF34S, AB34S, AK34S Parts Manual 1992-1 6th Edition (From Yahoo Auctions Japan)
  • (63.9) 99999 25000 300 Cultus GT-i 1300 Twin Cam 16Valve Sales Brochure (From Yahoo Auctions Japan)
  • 9900B-40120-020 Suzuki Parts Catalogue SY413, SY416, SY418, SY419 2000-7 6th Edition Suzuki Cultus Crescent, Baleno, Esteem (sent by mistake from eBay Seller instead of SF413. Happy to sell if anyone wants it?)

Now for some serious reading and increasing my knowledge over winter… 😉



EDIT: New inclusions to list
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Hi Mate,

I haven’t come across a SF413 A/C manual yet (?) Do you have a part number?

Also outstanding are:

99501-63B20-01E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual for 4WD (I have PDF though.)
99501-63B01-18E SF413 Supplementary Service Manual GS/ GL/ GLX/ With Electronic Fuel Injection System (one is currently available online but no way am I paying what they want for it! Everything in the contents appears to already be included in 99501-63B30-01E, plus again I already have a PDF.)

What are my plans with the rest?

  1. Fix my power steering!

  2. Read heaps and become an ‘expert’. :laugh:

  3. Post concise and correct answers to any questions on this forum in order to help improve the technical sections. I have ready access to info regarding most Mk.1, Mk.2 and Mk.3 SOHC and DOHC versions now.


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Thanks for that Mate!

I did see these but didn’t buy due to my A/C system being the JDM version which is very different to the USDM market offering. Even the piping runs a different way let alone the control panel and compressor bracket.

But your suggestion got me to thinking that there was a big gap in my knowledge base as no literature I already had referred directly to Mk.2 and Mk.3 A/C systems (although Mk.1 GTi / GXi A/C was covered by one of my SA413 Supplementary manuals.)

So after some searching and phone calls, today I placed an order with Suzuki Australia directly for brand new 99520-02130-01E “Suzuki Air Conditioning Manual”. This manual is directly referred to in 99501-80E00-01E which I picked up as well from eBay yesterday!

The 99501-80E00-01E SF Series Supplementary Service Manual contains the wiring diagram for A/C systems that have both ECO and A/C functions plus a brief explanation of the A/C Amplifier and ECU logic and workings. Perfect for me as my Cultus GTi has this very system.

So between the two, I should have most of it covered! I can’t wait to see exactly what the ‘basic’ Suzuki A/C manual contains…

Thanks for your help Instant_shine! ;-)



EDIT: Thread has been split: https://www.suzukiswiftrepository.com/v ... =29&t=2842
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** Sigh **

After 4 weeks Suzuki Australia informed me today that 99520-02130-01E “Suzuki Air Conditioning Manual” has been discontinued and they offered me a refund. :x

I declined the refund and ordered instead a pressure switch for my power steering which has been randomly playing up. Extra $20 spent. Woohoo!

However 99501-80E00-01E SF Series Supplementary Service Manual with the wiring diagrams for A/C systems with A/C and ECO functions did arrive and has taken its place on the shelf with the rest.

You win some, you lose some…


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