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By Walt
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Thought I share my 1990 Mk2 GTI rebuild.
I got the car in 2009.
It is my third GTi, after a red 1989 Mk2 GTi.
Which I got from my mate.
Really enjoyed that car.
But I was not so into cars at that time.
I gave it away after it broke down again :shock:
Several other cars later some body asked me if I sell my body kitted Peugot 205 XS
At that time I thought lets buy a car I really liked :D
It became a red 1991 Mk3 GTi.
Because the Mk2 are a little rarer.
Disappointing the Mk3 was really rotted.
Something I did not know a that time.
Lucky for me I spotted this black 1990 Mk2 GTi :D
It was a stock car.
Which sounded solid under the floor ;)
Sadly I was not so much into taking pictures.
So I don have a picture of how she was.
The next year for the MOT the solid sound appears to be metal filler :oops:
At that time this little car was my joy.
So I got into rescuing the body.
Roest rond voorruit bewerkt (4).jpg
Roest rond voorruit bewerkt (4).jpg (549.19 KiB) Viewed 2197 times
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By Walt
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A college of my was competing in stock car racing.
And was buying a roll cage.
That's when things got wrong.
I wanted one to.
So I did.
OMP veerpoot brug (3).jpg
OMP veerpoot brug (3).jpg (909.26 KiB) Viewed 2196 times
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By Walt
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Some pictures of the body repair
( these are from my 1995 MK3 but the repairs are the same ;) )
05012012713.jpg (797.9 KiB) Viewed 2196 times
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