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Is there any difference between the Swift & Geo molded carpets other than the driver-side heel pad? Has someone here used the Geo molded carpet for their Swift since I can get the rear split seat cover with it and I cannot for the Swift?
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macuserman wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:22 pm

Following this topic, I’ve wanted new carpet for awhile but I just didn’t feel confident in my options.

I think I will just get the Geo Metro carpet. I got a sample of all their grey options, and the midnight blue and didn’t like any of them. I did however like their black 1001. I’m going to get the Essex (Ultra-Plush Cut Pile) with the mass backing. I guess all the online carpet comes from Autocustomcarpet. When I pulled up their website the carpet cost was marked up almost double. I have seen similar things with other manufactures that sell out to other vendors at massively reduced prices. The price differ very little from vendor to vendor so I’m going with the one that had the most functional website and sent free samples (StockInteriors). I probably will do a double check with my old Metro that I gave to my friend to make sure there isn’t any major difference between the Swift and Geo floor pans.
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They should be the same. The Firefly even has the pocket for the gas door and hatch release so I would think the Metro is the same. I don’t think they would make a special floor for one company’s model.

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