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I thought I would start this thread to log anything useful and post questions about MegaSquirt II throughout my installation. I ordered everything yesterday so should be here by the end of the week. I guess I’ll start by posting what I bought and price which could be useful for others. It will be interesting to see where the prices go in the next year or so.

Product Quantity Price
MS230-K Kit with MapDaddy4 Upgrade 1 $388.00
Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit 1 $10.00
MegaSquirt Boost Control Mod Kit 1 $9.00
8′ MegaSquirt Wiring Harness (MS1/MS2/MS3 Ready) 1 $83.00
USB to Serial Adapter - Trouble Free!! 1 $28.99
JimStim v1.5 MegaSquirt Stimulator with Wheel Simulator - Unassembled 1 $80.00
GM Open Element IAT Sensor with Connector 1 $21.00
⅜″ NPT Aluminum Weld-On Bung for IAT or CLT Sensor 1 $9.49
MegaSquirt PWM IAC Valve Control (TIP120) ‘Mod-Kit’ 1 $9.00
Subtotal: $638.48

Important to note that there is a cheaper version of the MegaSquirt II without the upgrade, and you don’t need the coil driver, boost controller mods.

Also probably important to note that I had already bought a decent soldering station and soldering removing vacuum gun. These would be essential for putting together the unassembled kits. They do make these already assembled for more money, but the assembly would be harder to change since they use smaller components.
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By macuserman
Awesome, I’m excited to follow your progress on this. The only builds I’ve seen that did this were very hush hush and they never shared all the details.
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I received the Megasquirt package yesterday, but barely had a chance to even open the box. I’ll start by taking pictures of the different components. I haven’t gotten a chance to read anything yet so I’m at least a week out before I start assembling anything.
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Where to Start
I didn’t take pictures yet since I don’t want to unwrap the meticulously wrapped bundles. I double checked my purchase order with what I received. All here except I noticed that I didn’t get the black anodized box the MS2 but instead received the casing silver box for the MS3. I went back to check the order page and found this note:

Important Note: Due to supply chain challenges and the lack of ability to have parts anodized at this time, we are transitioning the enclosure used with our MS2 ECUs. Your MS2 will now include a brushed silver finish MS3 enclosure, which will help facilitate potential future upgrades from MS2 to MS3 without extra cost. We appreciate your understanding.

I guess this a good thing, except for maybe the size of the box might be slightly larger. Where and the heck is this thing going I’m not 100% sure .

I skimmed through the Setting Up manual which there is a pdf or online version for every version of Megasquirt. I’m using MS2. This is pretty much a flow chart of the steps you need to take to setup Megasquirt after you have built, tested, and installed the unit. A good idea to skim through so you know what you are getting into before starting anything. However, this is not where you start since you need to assemble and test the unit first. From the same manual page you can find the MS2/V3.0 Hardware manual (the un-assembled version) as a PDF or online information. Seems like a good place to start. Nope! It is recommended that you assemble the JimStim simulator first. Especially if your new or rusty at soldering. You can find the Assembly Instruction on the MegaSquirt Manual Index page which is a page back from the Setup and Hardware manuals. The link is MegaStim/ JimStim information. The JimStim has more features for testing then the older MegaStim. It is nice to know that I got the latest version JimStim v1.5.

JimStim Assembly Instructioons A good place to start.
http://jbperf.com/JimStim/JimStim_v1_5_ ... l#assembly
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I finally started on the JimStim simulator last night. The follow along directions online are making the assembly pretty easy. I am a beginner with just a few hours experience soldering electrical boards and this was a lot easier than expected. The directions say expected 20 minutes of work time to assemble. I’m not there yet after three hours, but I’m OCD and I’m taking my time doing a little research as I go along so I know more about resistors, diodes, and capacitors. I realized as I’m assembling this underneath my document camera for teaching that I should just film the assembly. I can also use the document camera to catalog pictures of all the parts. I would like to finish up today the JimStim. I’ll turn on the camera for the remaining parts. I’ll throw a link to the video and just convert it into a time elapse format.

Things that I’m already thinking about:
  1. Can I install the mod kit for coil on plugs and not use it or will I just save that mod kit until I gather all the component for coil on plugs?

  2. If I go coil on plugs I’m going to need to install crank trigger wheel and at that point I would do away with the distributor.

  3. I bought the wiring harness for Megasquirt unit and I absolutely don’t want to cut the stock wiring harness at all. I also don’t want to leave the stock wiring harness in the car. I will have to look into what wiring I will need to make the fuel pump, tachometer, and how exactly to connect the distributor to the standalone unit.

  4. Uncertain what the idle will be like with the idle mod kit I purchased. I hope it works smoothly.

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GT4LIFE wrote:
  1. I bought the wiring harness for Megasquirt unit and I absolutely don’t want to cut the stock wiring harness at all. I also don’t want to leave the stock wiring harness in the car. I will have to look into what wiring I will need to make the fuel pump, tachometer, and how exactly to connect the distributor to the standalone unit.
Let me know if you pull the harness and find that it’s taking up too much room on your shelves :-)
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I assembled the JimStim simulator during winter break. I feel a lot more confident on soldering the actual board now. It went together easily.

I was just reading about how to use the Mega Squirt II to go sequential injection. It was confusing because they discontinued the DIYPNP part that most the literature talks about using to go full sequential for a 4 cylinder. Just so we don’t feel bad they discontinued all of the plug & play except one (DIYPNP Nippon Denso N76; a 76 pin plug). Good news for my 1st gen Probe GT. (Not really). It is only intended for use with MicroSquirt Module based devices like the DIYPNP. They still sell the add on board for the two additional drivers: SKU: DP_SEQMOD-K. It would do Swift owners no good unless you were planning on running MicroSquirt and found the part bellow for cheap to run with the additional driver kit above. This would be the route for a the cheapest sequential budget build. It doesn’t even make sense because the two are like an oxymoron. You don’t go sequential injection for a budget build. DIYAUTOTUNE did archive the info for this.

This is the part for are Suzuki Swift:

DIYPNP N52 (Nippon Denso Style 52 pin)

However upon further reading not too buried but buried enough to make someone think that you couldn’t go sequential injection with MS2 and would have to buy MS3 is the information for reconfiguring the MS2 board for sequential injection for a 4 cylinder.


“This code is based on the MS2/Extra code 2.1.0 and is part of the alpha 3.0 version. It can perform sequential and semi-sequential injection and allows the use of 2 additional injector channels. It requires a small modification to the MS2 card to make use of the additional injector channels as shown here. All the other code features are the same as the current MS2/Extra code so the corresponding documentation should be used to configure those.”

“The code will do sequential injection for engines with up to 4 cylinders (with the additional injector channels) and semi-sequential injection for engines with up to 12 cylinders. The number of injection pulses per engine cycle is automatically computed by the code based on the number of cylinders, the number of injector channels, the presence of a cam sensor, and the use of staged injection. Sequential injection has a single injection pulse per engine cycle and semi-sequential has up to 6 pulses per cycle depending on the configuration.”

This means for the most part you don’t need MS3 unless you want sequential injection that is already built into the board that is already assembled. You would not want to purchase the assembled MS2 board because it is not easy to change anything on it. The assembled use the v3.57 board’s major claim to fame is it’s ‘surface mount (SMT)’ design and not through hole design. If you know for sure you are going to use sequential injection with 4 cylinders buy MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System with 3.0 Main Board – Unassembled Kit; Part # MS230-K_m4 (4 bar map) built in map sensor or MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System with 3.0 main board – Unassembled Kit with Black Case; Part # MS230-K . Use the above configuration as your building the board and then you don’t have to remove the unnecessary parts.

What does MS3 give you?
The MS3 also gives you a starting point for even more expansion. You will be able to connect the headers on this board to additional hardware, such as the MS3X board to enable features like these:

8 channels sequential fuel control (we don’t have 8 cylinders)
8 channel sequential ignition control (we don’t have 8 cylinders)
Individual fuel and spark trim for cylinder by cylinder tuning ( I believe this available for the 4 cylinders on the MS2; not sure)
2 and 3 channel PWM IAC control ( this is an add on mod kit for the MS2 3.0 board)
2 stage nitrous controller (you can add nitrous controller to MS2; not sure if it is 2 stage)
Table switching for multi-fuel engines
2 step launch control (you can add launch control to MS2; not sure if it is 2 step)
And more!
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