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By macuserman
Copied from Teamswift, I've taken some editing liberties to remove irrelevant posts, although more need to be made it's a bit tedious. Would be nice if someone would make a guide for this to post a the top, Teeth did pretty much did that at the bottom of this thread already it's just not pulled out into it's own piece. Anyhow enjoy.

As MURR suggested, I went junk-yarding, and picked up a set of 1988 CRX Si calipers. They bolt right up with a 0.10" hard spacer on my '89 GTi, not the 0.50" MURR had suggested. The pad area is 30% bigger, and MOPAC had HAWK pads in stock. Kinda cool to not have to order high performance pads. Anyway, we'll see what the difference is at the track. I hope to go one extra brake marker in the major braking zones, we'll see if I'm dreaming, or not! Take note. CRX Si calipers are different than DX for 1988. I didn't check beyond that, but be wary of the counter guy who knows everything, and tells you they're all the same! title changed - remember to verify everything yourself

they bolt right up like martin said. and sorry i wasn't clear. u can get different kinds of washers. normal everyday soft ones. or a hard washer. they are alot stronger then normal and will never crush.<br>i use a 1/2" hard washer. they aren't 1/2 thick, but the hole is 1/2" later yes u need the civic / crx si calipers

If honda brakes are somewhat compatible with ours then that means that honda aftermarket parts will work, imagine some nice Spoon calipers! i wonder if we could adapt any other honda aftermarket parts? like suspension.

he only thing that is somewhat close is the calipers they are both built by honda owned tokico. suspension is way way way better on the honda. they do have struts as they have dual wishbones in front, and multilink in the back spoon. calipers.. hmm never seen those. why would u want to... the civic ones work just great. and the aftermarket stuff for the honda works with bigger brakes. we can not use honda rotors as the internal hub bore is different the external hub bore for centering the wheel is different, and finally the wheel face offset to the rotor face is different. oh yeah the bolt pattern is different too

King of Pompous
So is it only for the front or are the rears compatible as well?

does the crx si have 4 discs? if they do, then will aftermarket high performance slotted/drilled rotors & pads be a direct bolt up? i can get honda parts way cheaper than swift parts is why i'm so concerned.

King of Pompous
I was pretty sure that they came with rear discs. Maybe I'm wrong?

Teamswift Racer
sorry the rears are different. plus who uses rear brakes anyway ccracer.... did u read the post a couple above. our rotors are WAY DIFFERENT

suzuki gti man
where do I put the washers you guys are taliking about at.

The washer acts as a spacer to center the caliper over the center of the rotor. The washer goes between the caliper mounting bracket and the steering knuckle assembly. The caliper mounting bolts (12mm bolt w/ 17mm heads) keep their spring washers on the outside of the caliper bracket, and you add the spacer (+/- 0.10" thick) between the bracket and the cast knuckle. Partially insert the mounting bolt, slide the washer in between caliper and knuckle, then slide the bolt through, thread it in, and tighten it up. Simple!

Guys: If you're converting to CRX calipers, you will probably need to replace the mounting bolts with longer bolts. As I remember, 12mm x 1.25 pitch. During an off-track excursion, I had a rock jam in one caliper, and tear one mounting bolt out. I found the bolt with 4 wraps of shiny looking thread still attached. The difference these calipers makes was HUGE for me. I went from stock GTi calipers with Suzuki pads to '88 CRX calipers with Hawp HP Plus pads. Instead of stopping at the #5 brake marker at the end of the straight at our race track, I was able to go to the #3, meaning I could pass almost anything under braking, if I could get close enough. I'm going out today in search of '1990 / 1991 CRX or 1998 - 1990 Prelude S or any year Civic Wagon AWD (only the AWD) calipers which have a similar size pad, but 0.20" bigger piston bore for better clamping force. I'll then move the '88 calipers to my street car, a 1991 Turbo Sprint.

im thinking of doing this as i need better stopping you said we need longer bolts, any measurement you can give? and are you sure its the CALIPERS that made the huge difference, maybe the pads you put on with them are much better! not dissing you or anything just curious because i could get these calipers pretty easy, i live in honda world... oh yeah, do they LOOK good? thanks jomo, your favorite member he he

Jomo, I know the pads I put on made a difference, but the clamping pressure of the much bigger piston is a big factor. I now have enough brakes that I have to be carefull not to lock the fronts, even with race tires at 170 kmh, whereas with the stock set-up and race tires, I could NOT lock the fronts over 30 kph. This is not the sort of swap one does for looks. If you want good looking brakes, get Wildwood Dynalite11's, and KVR's cross drilled rotors. My new setup is with '91 CRX Si calipers (even bigger bore) and Hawk blues (on the way). I have yet to try them, and would not recommend blues for the street!

Teamswift Racer
yes if u have a street car. these pads u DO NOT want on the street. plus they aren'y legal either. u can still use the honda calipers just get a set of semi-metalic's. the hawk blues are a race pad. they require higher temps to work. and the work better as the heat gets more. not like stock pads as they fade. i tired these pads at a slow auto-x.... ha my wheels turned black and the pad wear was more then a full weekend of road-racing. like 4km's to 100laps around a 2.2km road course.

Dr Kuzuki
tried the EBC pads? I use GREENSTUFF on my car, street and autocross....NO DUST, NO FADE, NO SQUEAL.....I understand that the yellow and Red stuff pads are even harder compound and need alittle more heat in them, but for weekend racers, green will do. I love them!

suzuki gti man
so what you guys are saying That Crx si Calipers will fit on my swift, and ther was a noticeable breaking differance. I only have one more question do I use the swift Pads or Crx Pads I am not racing on the track just on the street and I would like to stop a little better the the stock breaks allow me to.

you would use crx pads i definately will try this i just need to know what length bolts to use! by the way, will any other honda calipers work you think?

27mm long bolts worked on my car. Check for yourself on your car. The bolt should fully engage in all the threads in the bracket. Hey, it's your ass out there, as well as your fellow road / track users relying on your good sense. PS I tried EBC redstuff. Didn't work for me. Couldn't take the heat on our short hard braking track. Everybody's needs are different. Hawk HP Plus is a good pad for lapping days, track schools etc. I've got Hawk Blues coming for race days.

suzuki gti man
will the rotors off the crx fit our cars? if so will the big break kits for the civic/ crx fitt too

i think they are a different bolt pattern. 4x100 i think.

nope u can't use them. try to find big rotors for a nissan 240sx, like 93ish they run the same bolt pattern as the suzuki. but stock they have a smaller rotor then ours. except my car. in which i have custom machined the hubs, rotors, spindles to accept honda wheels. 4x100mm and now i use extended studs and 12x1.5 instead of 12x1.25

Does any one know of bigger disc that will bolt on to the front? I want to upgrade my front brakes with bigger disc and some willwood 4 piston calipers with racing pads. This should fit on 15" wheels.

i have one more question, will the crx caliper clear stock 14's, are they bigger?

Yes, look in the old posts. One of the other members told me how. You must run a 15" or bigger wheel. He told me how to do front and rear. Just look at the old posts and e-mail him. I told him I would not say how to do it to anyone or post it.

PR 16V Turbo
If that guy is the owner of a Racing GTi that appeared in SCC Magazine, he won't tell you anything about the brakes upgrade. He claimed that he developed a brake upgrade that will allow the Swift to go from 60-0 in less than 100 feet. I e-mailed him asking about the brakes setup and he answered that he was planning to sell the components along with ESRRACINGWORKS so he can't help me. I said, "Thanks for nothing pal"

suzuki gti man
OK I get it know we would use our rotors and the crx calipers and pads

I did not know. I cannot say. I told him I would not. He does have a great setup.

okay guys this has been gone over a few times already. K one reason for trying this swap in the first place. was to use steel 13's on stock brakes. when i rally or ice race i use sprint turbo brakes which are 1 inch smaller. WITH THE HONDA SWAP I CAN RUN 13's with the stock rotors and honda caliper. they are closer to the rotor

Brake upgrade should not be that hard. You just need to get a bigger ventilated disc that will fit the GTi, some willwood 4 pistons calipers (cheap compare to brembo and others) and adaptor plate for the calipers. The only think I'm missing is wish break disc I should get.

im confused!!! i just need to know if the CRX calipers will work on my rotors and 14 rims!!!! i heard something about 15s or bigger and then all this big brake stuff... help me please as i want to buy some soon!

I know of a local fellow here in Oz that is using 4-spot calipers and larger rotors (not sure what off - I think a Holden Commodore) under 13 inch rims. His car is currently undergoing a rebuild after a "racing incident"....

Metro Mayhem
Just bringin this to the top for some of the new guys. I live in the US and Autozone sell these calipers brand new for 40 bucks. Just use your swift calipers for the core

I 've read all these posts and it's very interesting on human behaviour hehe.. and oh! it's interesting for the brake info too You know something bother me tho.. Everybody is talking about swaping the front caliper and bla bla bla.. but no one talk about rear brakes. I mean if you swap your front caliper, you get bigger clamping force due to the increased pad surface but also due to the bigger pistons. By meaning bigger piston that also mean that you have a bigger surface for the oil tu push inside the calipers so you need LESS pressure from the master cylinder. While aplying a lesser force on the brake pedal, you are also lowering the pressure you send on the rear brakes. So in my mind you are slighty off balance here. I know there is a valve that adjust the front-rear pressure but you it can be tuned as far as I know.<br>Don't tell me that you don't use rear brakes, that's not true. Yes there is some weight transfert under hard braking such as 70-30 if I remember correct. So the 30% here is important. If you lock the front brakes at 50 mi/h and that the rear wheels are still turning freely..it's not good at all... at least it's my opinion.<br>Take note that I dont race my car so I guess there's some people here much more knoweledgeable than I'm . However, I like to have to maximum stopping power you know... like when some crappy old lady enter the higway without looking if someone is coming or not Damn.. I'm so bad at english.. I'm all mixed up.

Went to an autoshop this afternoon. I bought a pair of brand news CRX calipers. What bother me is that they sell 13" & 14" calipers. I guess that the CRX SI have the 14" ? Well, anyway I bought the 14" calipers, then went to a junkyard to buy the mounts. This is where I noticed that some calipers used on stock DX & CX civics where the same that I had bought a moment ago. Now i'm all mixed up. Nyway, it fit fine. Difference between suzuki and honda pads is negligeable tho..

if you don't mind, how much were new calipers ? what mounting pieces did you need ? & did you get an actual part # for the ones you bought (& that worked) <br>thanks =)

Nitro, Do u live near Montreal? You can go to any good autoshop (I went to Import-expert) and order a set of rebuilt calipers for a CRX si 1988. It cost me $35.50/each. You'll have to give away the old ones for the core. In my case I went to my wrecked 88 firefly and got the calipers 'cause I wanted to keep the genuines Suzuki's. Now you need to raid at your junkyard to find two mounting brackets from any CRX, or accord, they are all the same as long as the brakes are for 14 inches wheels. I live in Chicoutimi, the guy that work at the shop told me that usually ppl from MTL have to pay a bit more for the same parts, I don't know why. End up cheapper to order em from here and pay $10 for shipping. Oh, I also ordered a set of Raybestos ceramik pads. They arn't cheap but perfom very well for everyday's use.

does anyone know if the crx calipers will fit onto the dba rotors that they sell for the swift ?

I am doing this conversion now and will try and keep a record of everything I do. I have bolted up the calipers to new DBA slotted rotors and all fits OK. The Honda caliper actually clamps on all of the disc, unlike the GTi caliper which looks like it clamps on 70% of the rotor width. I couldn't get CRX calipers, but I found another model Honda (Concerto Hatchback 1988 on) with the same brakes. The rotor on the Honda has a diameter of 242mm compared to the GTi's 250mm. So don't think about trying to make the Honda rotor fit. Piston size on the Honda is 54mm and GTi is 51mm. What difference this makes to pedal firmness, I will give feedback once everything is fitted and tested.

alrite awesome i'll be awaiting on the results of the dba rotor and honda caliper conversion results, keep us posted..

dimi V
What wil give better brake performance? The CRX calipers with normal pads, ook original calipers with EBC Greenstuff or something like that? Calipers and pads would cost me 50 euro's each set, and the EBC pads only 135 euro's

dimi V

Metro Mayhem
Hey I know the honda caliper sits lower but does it have more clearance from the rotor thanks.

found an online retailer who was listing applications by pads (backwards) & they had the same pads for the swift (89-94 w/ 4 wheel disks) as the honda prelude (84-87, w/ 4 wheel disks, excluding the Si model) D277 ? behind a firewall now, so i can't find it again.

i found these calipers at my local advanced auto parts store in the states for $23 a pair plus you old ones for a core hope this helps anybody out there.

hello again i was just letting everybody know that i have since dont this mod on my 91 ssgti and it went on perfectly. i have a buddy of mine who had 2 junked crx si and he let me have both of the caliper setups for a good price. so if anybody else wants to do this i have 2 full sets of crx si calipers and mount brackets. but how could i have two you say when he only had 2 cars. well my wife wrecked her 93 accord ex back in july of last year and i have been parting it out. after looking at the guy who said that he took a pair off of a prelude that got me to thinking. and sure enough the calipers and brackets will fit off the 93 accord ex sedan. the brakes on the car are nissin and it had ABS i dont know if it makes a difference on the calipers from car to car or not. i can tell you that the pads are 10% larger and the caliper piston is 10% larger than the si pads and calipers. so that makes them 40% larger than the stock gt caliper and pads. i could still run 13" wheels with the crx si calipers but i have to run 14" wheels with the accord calipers. also there was no grinding with this install as with the prelude install. it went on like it came that way from the factory that way. no spacers or anything. i also have a set of steel braided brake lines from the accord and am going to try to install them next i dont know if they will work or not but i will try. i will let you all know if they do.

Would you mind e-mailing me a pic of that model Accord that you mention? Just to make sure I'm looking at the same model here in Oz. It would be appreciated. I already have Mk2 Calipers on my Mk1 GTi under 14" rims so the Accord setup sounds appealing.

Sorry, guys, I got confused by now. To do this conversion, what do we really need? 2 Honda CRX si calipers and 2 washers? Or, 2 honda CRX si calipers, 2 washers and 2 brake mounting brackets? And I have another question, since I own a 89 firefly and I want to do this conversion. So I went to Mitchell Island to check out for this. In the junkjard, I compare the brake system of swift(normal ones) and firefly. I found out that they are different(rotor, caliper,mounting bracket). So can any owner of firefly who done this conversion can tell me what I should do? Buy the swift steering kunkle? Thanks, guys. Wish one day, civic owners won't race with us since they know they are going to smell our smoke.

I bought the other set of turbossgt's calipers and had my mechanic mount them about a month ago. Unfortunately, he had to grind out the caliper mounting bracket to clear the rotor and the pad to clear the disk hub, similarly to how Jardamuth described for the Prelude calipers. Turbossgt and I are still trying to figure out just what calipers these are. Has anyone else tried a set of Accord calipers? If so, was any grinding required? If not, then I must have got Prelude calipers. They seem to brake better than stock, but I'm not noticing the incredible differences that Jarda and others have described. It's also going to be a pain to have to grind the pads every time they're replaced.

Can you send me any additional info on this conversion, as I am not sure what exactly you had to grind :?

Hey this sounds like coolness, a caliper from honda that gets more pad onto the rotor. hmm, i have a 2000 metro (not a gti obviously :cry: ) would this work on my car, i have been lookin for some way to upgrade my front brakes.

second question: how to i get GTI brakes onto the front of my metro? do i need complete spindles to start with and just build up the whole thing from there? i noticed the strut bolt pattern is the same between the gti and standard swift, so... um... :?: :?: :shock: um, help.

The Honda brake swap WILL NOT work on 98+ Metro's. The bolt spacing on the caliper bracket of the Honda is about 10mm too large, and uses a larger bolt as well. I'm not sure if this is true for 95+. I know this cause I tried 91 CRX Si, 90 Civic, and 98 civic brakes, none of them fit. they all share the same bolt pattern on the caliper brakets thought, which means that the earlier years can use 98 civic brakes as well. (unfourtunately this does me no good.)
I dont know if I could swap out the spindles from an earlier year on not, but I kind of doubt it. Maybe someone here knows?
Has anyone here swaped out brakes on a 98+ metro? I'm not sure where to even start to find another compatible donor for these cars. Anyone have any ideas?

i was told that the calipers from an 1988 prelude fuel injection WOULD work, try those, they are different from the civic. don't get the ones from the carbed 'lude. you can also check with a dude named jurdamuth. he gots lotsa info. but ima try em anyway. if all else fails i'll get the front knuckles from a GTIU from the local suzi dealer. and retro me metro so it'll work. aeither way, it's time to GIT 'ER dun!!

Hi I was wondering if you can tell what the caliper is from by the numbers on it . I went to the wreckers for the crx caliper and I think I got the 90 dx civic ones which are the same so he said. I got new boots for one of them but the boot was bigger ythe one that goes through the spindle (I think thats what its called). But if I let it sit for awhile it gets really hard to move freezes up.
The honda dealership shows the civic boot is two seperate ones where mines one boot. The # on caliper is 561 2028

4 banger
so in other words the brakes fit nicely...but are the rotors the same as the stock ones or need to be changed to the CRX ones too?

OK, i can find these parts easily, but i want to make sure of some things first....
I have a 91 metro. Will this work with the 12" rims, or must i go up to the 13"?
I just put new tires on so i hope not, but if anyone knows; please tell me.

Also, does the swift GTi and the Metro use the same master cylinder? I would think this would make a big difference if you convert to rear rotors(but thats not the topic here-just thought id ask).

Alright, I've got a 94 metro with 12s that needs front wheel bearings. I found a 1990 LSI 'vert in the junkyard and got the spindles and 13" wheels off of it. My question is will the 88 CRX Si caliper&bracket swap work with these spindles? My goal is to improve the braking and be able to run a 14 or 15" wheel safely and possibly GT rear discs in the future.

Gasoline Fumes
I have the SOHC 1.3L Swift brakes, I think they're the same as the vert. The Honda calipers will bolt on, but the Suzuki rotors are a little too small. The Honda pads will hang over the edge by maybe a 1/4". I thought about trying to find a larger rotor from another car that would fit, but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Unless you're doing it for better brake pad selection, just use the vert brakes as is. :wink:

so what exact year honda are the correct calipers from? also i have some 13" mags that i think should clear the calipers. this is for a 1991 firefly turbo (same brakes as the converitables)

Gasoline Fumes
The caliper I tried on my SOHC Swift 1.3L was from a '91 Civic Wagon. I think it's the same caliper used on the '88-'91 CRX Si. Any 1988-91 Civic/CRX should fit, but I think there are some differences. A lot of Honda calipers probably bolt onto the spindle, I don't know which ones fit the best. Why do you want Honda calipers anyway?

I just joined the site and enjoying finding all the new info.
Has anyone come up with upgraded brakes for the newer cars. I have a 2000 firefly 1.0 and I would really like to upgrade the brakes, bigger rotors would be best. So far all the companies I've tried have been dead ends.

I assume mike wants the crx calipers since they are apparently better? I finally got around to boosting my turbo firefly over the weekend and found out pretty quick the the brakes on these things suck.

I cooked my brakes pretty good trying not to hit a few cars. I definaltey think I'm gonna have to start looking for a brake upgrade before I do some logging road rally racing when I'm camping next month.

if someone is actually up for a project i have here my 90 accord which i blew the motor in, the front hubs and shit are there with calipers and rotors. now the 90 accord usues the (ROH setup) rotor over hub. this car has the same bolt pattern also as the swift which makes it easier and cheaper for the bigger calipers. also i have the drive shafts (broke) but you can also match up or custom your shafts with the accord shaft ends. this is just something i thought of after reading your guys posts here.

also i am willing to give who ever will do the swap and reasearc the parts off the car for nothing, but you must update everyone and sticky it if it is possible and what you did to make it work and what not.

anyways i am new to team swift here and actually used to only deal with hondas but now swifts. i had my fun with them too, i still have some stuff laying around here and have someknowledge of them if you need a hand with something too.

ok, i'm going to the yard next weekend. I know there is a vert there, so i'm going to get the front spindles/hubs/rotors do i need the struts as well?
I'm just asking cause i want to do that swap and i'm also going to pick up some calipers from a Honda. My car is a 91 Metro(base)

The shopping list:
CALIPERS/BRACKETS-88-91 CRX Si, 88-90 Prelude S, Civic Wagon AWD----must run 13" rim

93(other yrs?) Accord EX---must run 14" rims.

BOLTS-12mmx1.25pitchx27mm length

Hopefully i have it all and maybe listing it here will stop the "is this what i need questions" since i compiled the info i READ above.

BTW-SK4WD, you said the DBA rotors worked, correct?

n1tr0-you wrote:swift (89-94 w/ 4 wheel disks) as the honda prelude (84-87, w/ 4 wheel disks, excluding the Si model---
Am i right that the swift and metro vert front brakes are the same?
Do you guys think this means we could add 84-87 Prelude to the list? I just have 88-90 Pre S on the list....

Well, made it to the yard yesterday and picked up some Prelude Si calipers. I also noticed that other preludes and an Acura GS had the same part numbers on the calipers and looked the same. On my 91 Metro I should only have to get the vert(which disappeared at the yard now :( ) or 95-97 spindles/hubs yet, correct?

Who knows, maybe if i just swap to the vented setup i may not even want to put the prelude calipers on, so thay may end up for sale.... hey, i'm not racing it, i'm using it for mpg's :D

Who knows, maybe if i just swap to the vented setup i may not even want to put the prelude calipers on, so thay may end up for sale.... hey, i'm not racing it, i'm using it for mpg's :D

If you want Prelude calipers your looking at getting the Front knuckles from a GT(i), they are the only ones that will work. If your in this for fuel economy, get the knuckles from the 95-97, and the rear discs from a GTI, this will let you keep a 13" wheel which results in better mileage.

oh, i thought they could be put on the newer hubs. Well, I have a set of used prelude calipers and mounts if someone is interested-cheap! Let me know if you're interested.

i have a swift mk1. my breaks are very bad and say risky. so will the calipers of simple 88 civic fit in my swift mk1. i have installed a g13b 3 weeks earlier.

Are the same

1.1987-1990 Acura legend Front Calipers
1990-1993 Acura integra
1988-1991 Honda Prelude SI
1994-1995 honda civic EX 1600 w/ ABS
1990-1991 Honda civic 3 Door 1.6
1990-1993 Honda civic 4 door ex
Use "17CL14VN" Cast in the Calipers
brake pad D409

2.1989-1991 Honda Civic Crx SI front brake calipers
1988-1992 Honda Civic Wagon 4 wheel drive Version
1988-1990 Honda Prelude S
1988-1990 Honda prelude S "carburated"
Use"16CL13VN"(smaller than prelude less unsprung weight,(bigger Piston,brake pad coverage than stock swift calipers )
Left D/Side 1233
Right P/Side 1232
Brake pad D373

2. The Honda Civic LX,DX,SI,EX 1989-1991 with the 1.5 brake power booster is the smallest 8- inches Part #"01123-4045" Nissin kogyg "NM 205-V3"
Civic HF Brake Booster is "tiny" but still bigger than are booster

3.1989 Civic Si & Accord 8 1/2 maybe depends on model! just a guess an searcing the junkyard to measure them.

4. 1988-1991 honda civic DX,Ex,Si Power Brake Booster With rear drums (9.5 inch O.D) 13/16 MC
5.1990- 1991 Honda Civic EX ,Si (Engine: D16A6)
4wheel disc (10.3 inch O.D)

5.10.3-11.0-inch 1990-up accord,integra type r,Prelude.

All without "Anti-Lock"

does any1 have the exact instructions on how to do this i remeber seeing it on this site before but i cant find were, havin real trouble gettin caliber for my 94 swift gti so this is the way im going to half to go

many thanks

Petrol head i think over ther there's honda civic's 90's version with the brake parts you need.

i was running front calipers off of a 88 crx si with 4 wheel brakes, get the loaded calipers that come with the bracket, go to your local hardware store and get some shims that fit the hub to caliper bolts, the caliper needs to be shimed out a bit to center it over the rotor, i also got longer mounting bolts.
stock brake lines fit the caliper, use the honda brake pads and the swift gt rotor.

Does anybody have anything to add to this? I bought remanned calipers for an 89 CRX Si, have had the pads and swift rotors kicking around for a long time. Track day August 30th, on brand new r-compounds :D I need these calipers so I can clear the custom 13" steelies Jeff and I had made, so I hope it ends up being relatively straight forward tomorrow morning :x

I'm wondering about the mounting bracket... if you get the calipers at the autoparts store, does it come with them? Or is it even needed?

caliper and mounting bracket usually sold separately. and yes you will need the mounting bracket as well.


Some comparison pictures...

On the left, swift gti caliper, on the right crx caliper...

I probably found a pair of calipers from a '90 CRX VT; are they good as a direct replacement upgrade?

I looked onto catalogues and I found that these calipers shoud mount on every CRX model, but their part numbers are different from Concerto Calipers, that I know are good...

Thank you very much!

Since this started a long time ago and there aren't any pictures of the caliper swap on the car anymore, this is what it looks like (I think, I am posting as much for feedback as anything else):


Right now this is just a test fitment to make sure I have the right spacers and get the right length bolts (note the original caliper still dangling from the strut...). I put two 1/2" (hole not width) stainless washers in to shim ~ .10" as can be seen in this photo. Which means I should need about a 28 mm M12 bolt (original is 25mm) to engage all the threads. I notice that this caliper and bracket do not look the same as the picture further up on the page--the bracket is open on the outside rather than connecting across. Did I get the right one? Bracket came from a junker CRX, but no way to know if it was an Si model, rebuilt calipers came from Autozone.


Bolt spacing is obviously the same, but I might have to wait till my pads get in to know for sure whether the bracket is correct.

I wrote a post asking about caliper orientation because I remembered (incorrectly) pulling the brackets from the rear of the disc on the CRX at the yard, so I was wondering whether it was more important for them to be on the same side as the donor or right side up. Some Googling of images of 1988 CRX Si's cleared this up--they are on the front just like the Swift, so no need swap sides or be concerned about it.

Seeing as this post is stuck out here anyway, however, I'll follow up with pictures of the finished job. I can confirm that these are the "correct" 1988 CRX Si (regardless of what other myriad Hondas they might also fit) calipers that Murr suggested swapping in the first place and that everything works exactly as described.

Here are the calipers, complete with EBC Greenstuff pads, on Brembo blank replacement rotors:


Here's a shot of the 1/2" stainless washers you need to shim everything out. Notice how tight the clearances are! I can't believe this actually works as everything is within a mm or so.


Finally, here's everything all together with new stainless brake lines. I also relocated the bracket slightly upwards and forwards because I was having a problem with tire rubbing (!) on the lines at full steering lock after installing caster bushings. Hopefully I've solved that problem, improved my brakes slightly, and increased wheel clearance enough to fit the 13" racing wheels I am hoping to pick up shortly.


One final tidbit to add:

I read the horror story about pulling the stock bolt out with the last four threads of the bracket still attached, so I did get some longer bolts (not shown in my pictures). They might be very hard to find in a suitable grade (U.S. hardware stores have extremely lame selections of metric fasteners).

I picked up some bolts, 12mm-1.25 X 30 10.9 HEX CS (full thread) from http://www.allensfasteners.com. These have a larger 19mm head, but otherwise fit no problem. In fact, I was concerned that I would have to cut or grind them down a little because it seems that nobody makes a 28mm bolt. Instead the bolt was still a tiny bit (less than 0.5mm) shy of contacting all the threads in the bracket with a lock washer in place. I think that's reasonable but if you really want an exact fit you might get a bolt that is longer still and cut it down or use and extra washer on the other side.

I just did this upgrade. I picked up some brackets off ebay and some reman calipers from O'Reilly's. Put that with some new hawk ceramic performance pads and drilled/slotted rotors. I have to say it was a huge improvement. Although it could just be that my brakes were in dire need of replacing and now they are working properly. :D But seriously this is a really nice upgrade.

Now a little eye candy. This is the picture that made me realize just how much of a difference this upgrade makes. The Honda pads dwarf the Suzuki pads.


IIRC so did the Preludes. I have like 3 or 4 complete Honda swaps I've been squirelling. The Prelude was a full 12" IIRC whereas the GTi / GT was 8.25? This i the reason for the custom bracketry that was being discussed in these threads as well.
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I'm just going to copy and paste the research I had done on my Wilwood conversion about Honda brakes.

Honda front:

I did some searching and it looks like the Honda Crx Si caliper is different between 88-89:50.8 mm or 2" and 90-91: 53 mm or 2.09". The Honda are float calipers.
Clamping Force:88-89 2x2x.785=3.14 inches squared
90-91 2.09x2.09 x .785=3.429 inches squared.
3.429/ 0.518= 6.620:1 clamping force ratio (smaller ones 3.14/0.518=6.062:1 clamping force ratio)
5.425/6.620= the stock clamping force is 81.95% of the Honda clamping force. 6.620-5.425=1.195/5.425=.220 or 22% larger
5.425/6.062= the stock clamping force is 89.5% of the Honda clamping force. 6.062-5.425=.637/5.425= .117 or 11.7% greater.

Brake Pads:Brake pads were listed on the sticky as being larger than GT(i)s by varying amounts. I did find a brake pad outer dimensions of length with metal tabs at 132.2 mm and a width of 49.3 mm. Our pad is 115.5 mm with metal tabs (98.425 mm without tabs) and 38.1 mm wide. However, the Honda pad is a different shape so you cannot directly compare end lengths. Best educated guess is that the Honda pad is right around 10% larger.

Rotors: rotor diameter: 242 mm or 10.32" there may be some variation on rotor sizes.
242/250 = The Honda rotor is 96.8% of the stock rotor. 250-242=-8/242=.033 or 3.3% smaller This will decrease torque stopping force. However, you are not using the Honda rotors with the swap. You use our stock rotors, which means no gain or loss.

The Honda caliper will give you access to more brake pads. It sounds like the Honda pads fit all the way on the our stock rotors. In my opinion if your racing a car and want to use non-street legal pads the coefficient of the pad surface available for the Honda calipers will make it worth it. If your using street legal pads the gains in my opinion will be negligible. The Honda calipers on Rockauto are under $50 a piece. The front brake mount for those years Honda should be 5.51" and ours is 5.5". Wilwood does sell a Dynapro Honda Acura caliper with the 5.51 lug mount, but it would require more investigation to how it would fit or work. Given that our Stock brake rotor is 250 mm and the Dynapro Honda caliper is for 262 mm the pad alignment may be off. Either way the rotors that go with won't work. More information on this can be found on the Teamswift archives under Honda Brake Caliper Sticky.

I see the backing of the Honda pads above verse the stock pads. This is misleading because there is quite a bit of space on the backing where there is not pad. I said an educated guess of 10% larger surface area and one of the posts above said 30%. I guess I will not truly know until I buy a Honda pad and measure the area. Someone should post a picture of the pad side of the Honda brake pad verse stock. Additionally, pad area factors in less than clamping force, rotor diameter, and even probably the type of caliper.
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By Teeth
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Yes, they leave more clearance than the Suzuki calipers, such that you can run 13" wheels.
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By macuserman
Teeth wrote: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:19 am Yes, they leave more clearance than the Suzuki calipers, such that you can run 13" wheels.
Whaaaat????? I was of the strong impression that I had to run 15" rims because I switched to the CRX calipers........ How have I been so completely off on this?
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By theincride
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Teeth wrote: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:19 am Yes, they leave more clearance than the Suzuki calipers, such that you can run 13" wheels.
Thanks.. I will have to pick up a set.. This is an area that really needs to be addressed on my car...
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By gt4tified
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If anyone is going junkyarding and can find me a set of these, that’ll be great, thanks! The Honda CRX was a very rare vehicle to find over here so there would not be much use in searching for calipers.
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