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By blueturbofly
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busy week, with 7 am starts….but getting stuff done. issues with one customers mower, been back 3 different times, finally did a leak- down test to confirm my suspicion of the engine being worn out- and it was, blow-by thru the rings into the crank-case, out the dipstick and exhaust…poor exhaust valve as well…
another one was a friend of the owner- tune up special, but wanted the engine rpm higher, so he could cut deeper grass….but on the honda mowers, they are set to a min and max rpm…you move the governor spring for more rpm, but then the carb needs to be re-jetted , or else it pulls fuel thru the choke passages, making the engine run rich, blowing black smoke, but not necessarily rev any higher….
it was just fine when it was done 2 months ago….it came back, he said he even took it to the honda shop, and they changed one of the springs, but it still didnt run right, so he brought it back to me, even after the honda shop mucked with it…
so i deep cleaned the carb (nothing wrong there ) checked the valves and it ran good…he picked it up, but then it came back again…this time same issue…so i checked the carb AGAIN, and ste everything back to oem specs…proper spring, in the proper spot, factory rpm….ran great when it left the shop, i even cut some grass with it…
DAMMIT it came back AGAIN….would not idle down….it has a ‘off- min-max ’ throttle control… the cable is good, and adjusted properly…i never touched that…
so i backed out the throttle plate stopper screw, even further from the factory setting, to get the rpm down to a low idle , when the lever was put at turtle, then revved up to operating speed when at rabbit on the lever …
i told him that there must be internal issues with the governor assembly, and that i could look at it but it would be 1 hour shop time +parts to take the engine apart and put it back together ( $200 +)
plus, the honda mowers are a '‘gentleman’' lawn mower—they dont like being tweaked outside of their normal operation zones….they are a lower revving quieter running honda engine…
and what makes it worse is that its the bosses friend….when you own a business, you need to know the difference between customers, friends, and then the friends as customers that take advantage of your services….

oh, and the truck the boss bought for his kid ? sounds like the transmission is shot…revs up to 4000rpm and finally gets moving, after a block or so it drops in rpm and shifts…
he mentioned he will take it to a shop to fix the transmission after he buys his kid a different truck…
i mentioned ''thats at least a $2300 bill" and he was surprised….this guy has no clue on anything…. :-o
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By blueturbofly
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makes for a good day when its a bunch of easy trimmers to do… 4 of them had plugged spark arrestors, the 5th had way too much oil in the gas…
dump out the customer’s fuel…i have no clue what the mix is, or how old…even if its fresh and full, i dump it out…
then pull the muffler and check cyl/ piston for scoring…any scoring and its junk. they wont build compression properly, or once hot they wont re-start…from there onto the tune up, if cyl/ piston is good…..

burn out the arrestors with a propane torch, run the trimmer at full throttle for 10 minutes to burn the oil out the muffler, install arrestor, tune carb, wash trimmer head.
today i tackle a Tecumseh oil leak…really oily mower came in for a tune up, oil leaking from the case halves….lots of oil… after it was cleaned up and running, the oil was running / bubbling out between the halves…gasket blown out. fun fun.

and at least 2 mowers a week , with the blades installed wrong (up side-down)….and they still manage to cut grass like that… :laugh:

a warranty pressure washer from - invermere, bc….'‘no power, doesnt run properly, shuts off’'
they are shipped with no fuel…but this one had no oil, but half full of gas ???
fill the oil, it fired up on the second pull…hooked up water, and it worked with no issues….none whatsoever…even tried it 3 different times and no issues ….made really good psi, unloader valve works properly, no leaking / cracked pump…
so the parts guy called canadian tire , in invermere, and let her know that the pressure washer is going back, that we can find no issues with it, it must be operator error.
the people at ct should be a little more involved when doing warranty work…they assemble this stuff, they should have a clue if its warranty or just operator errors….
but it keeps me busy….
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By blueturbofly
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splitting the case and replacing the gasket on that one engine was easy peasy….once the lower half (oil pan) was off you could see where the gasket was damaged right from factory…
so, cleaned off the old gasket, a thin film of permatex on both halves, install new gasket, crank seal and assemble…
run engine, no leaks…
i wish people would pick up their stuff….lots done, running out of room, and more stuff keeps coming in… :x
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By fireflyse
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blueturbofly wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:03 am

i wish people would pick up their stuff….lots done, running out of room, and more stuff keeps coming in… :x

Notice to Customers: A storage fee of $10 per day is added to all orders after completion of repairs.
Problem solved and anything earned can go to the food bank.
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By blueturbofly
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there is a sign on the wall, as well as printed on the invoices, that we reserve the right to sell the customers item after 30 days, to recoup parts/ labor….i dont know if thats ever been enforced…
i can understand , that when its raining out, people dont think of picking up their lawn equipment…
lots of salvage mowers…that takes up room…at least 9 mowers that get moved daily , out and back in the bay door…some are for repair/ resale, some are outright parts only….but i dont have the time right now to repair mowers for resale…MAYBE i will sneak one in per week, that way i dont have to keep juggling them around the shop…
i am only 7 days behind on invoices, not that bad…as long as an item doesnt need parts that we dont stock, its fairly quick .

some people are surprised / annoyed when they are told '‘ 10 days too two weeks, you will get your item back’' you guys are that busy ? YES, IT IS.
you are not the only person in an area of 70,xxx + people with a piece of equipment that needs work…

there are other shops in town… but they only service mowers/ weed whippers….the shop i work at services just about anything with a engine on it…but not atv’s, golf carts, or motorbikes…thats another ball of wax to deal with….plus there are other bike shops in town that do that stuff.

also 2 large snowblowers that the boss bought at the end of the snow season last winter, hoping to sell them and make $$$$ but they never sold…so those are taking up shop space in the back…

saw the two bosses looking at the rack of dead weed trimmers (99% have bad pistons/ cylinders, the other 1% parts are NLA ) and i overheard them say to each other that they will get me to fix them this winter for resale next summer…. :sick: i have told them numerous times that they are all dead or parts nla, but its better if they stay in one piece, so if a customer or myself needs a part, i can strip it off a similar trimmer/ chainsaw, instead of digging thru boxes of random parts…. :-/
they just dont get it :-(
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