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By blueturbofly
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Getswifty wrote:

Do you have 89-94 dohc valve cover?

these are air cooled one cylinder engines…no valve covers

and no twincam covers either ;-)
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By blueturbofly
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same chainsaw has returned for the third time- same issue, runs for about a minute, then dies, wont re-start…has been gone thru every time, but customer has been told that the engine is worn out….it has poor compression when cold, and even less when it heats up…sure, you can start it when its cold, then hold it full throttle with no issues; once warm and you let the throttle off, it just drops to an idle and shuts off… then wont restart….its like the spark plug has been removed, the recoil pulls the engine over VERY easy… :-o

the customer always makes the statement '‘ but its a good saw ’'

um, the saw is 20, maybe even 30 years old…stuff does wear out…

had a stihl chainsaw just before that, engine was really stiff to rotate…finally got it rotating good, it was coughing then came to life, let it idle to warm it up to tune carb, but i didnt even get to do that …had it at full throttle, to adjust the top end settings, but then all of a sudden it just locked up….and was extremely hot… the engine must have had previous heat damage…
chainsaws are filthy noisy machines…

been gettiing alot of '‘end of season’' neglected equipment…esp after the long week-end….and stuff that looks like its been stored outside for the last 10 + years…

did one tune up, and was talking to the customer when they picked it up, he mentioned that he had a place in redcliff tune it up, and it didnt seem to run any better…i only know of one place out there.. finally the customer said it was home hardware… so i mentioned to him that this last summer i have done alot of '‘rework’' from home hardware…and that pete needs to retire, he doesnt care about his quality of work he puts out, and it shows.

i am not bad-mouthing the guy, just telling people the truth.

i treat every piece of equipment that i work on, as if it were my own …to an extent, of course.
i hate having comebacks, especially if i try to cut corners, and it kicks me in the ass with a return item… :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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customer called about his chainsaw….was upset…said that every mechanic that he has taken it to, says the same thing-'‘its worn out’'
but he cant believe me- '‘how can it be worn out , when it starts and runs? ’'

i dont know what other places it has been to, all i know its been in my hands 3 times in the last 2 weeks :laugh: and its been worn out every time i look at it. taking something thats worn out, to a different mechanic, will not yield different results…
this guy told my boss that '‘your mechanic doesnt know what hes talking about’'

once again, if you are going to critique me, you had better be as good or better than me.

ask the customer where they work , then tell them that you dont go to their work and tell them how to do their job, so why do you do that here?

people on the outside looking in have no clue as to what is really going on. it gets annoying, and funny, at the same time.

and peoples sense of time is terrible. have a dirt auger come in AGAIN. i worked on it last year ? i think? earlier this year i fixed the recoil (in the spring?) and that was a freebie repair…
this guy brings his stuff in, and expects me to drop what i am doing, and fix his…old , abused, neglected shit…cheap ass farmer type of guy…
'‘you guys just worked on it, and now its not running’'
he came in with it last week- complaining it wouldnt start- '‘ i pulled and pulled and it wont start’' so after he says that, he gives it a pull, and it fires up :laugh: making him look like a clown
so he throws it back in his truck…i cant fix it, if it isnt broken. but it came back on thursday…the owner was mad. went right into the bosses office, and started chewing out the boss, complaining that '‘ i drove 4 hours to auger holes and it didnt want to start’'- what are you going to do about it?

its not my fault, or the shops, that it doesnt run…i did not do any engine work to it. but he expected the boss to reimburse him for his 4 hours of lost time…?????

so, i tried starting it yesterday. bad fuel tank grommet, bad / cracked fuel lines, cracked fuel tank, fuel very old/ stale /stinky, very dirty fuel tank, extra fuel filter installed on RETURN fuel line to tank (improper)
it was so flooded with fuel. removed spark plug (it was already loose, not by me ) and used compressed air to dry out cylinder and spark plug. there was so much fuel in the cylinder it was like fog coming out of the exhaust…
i did get it running, but it would only start if you held the throttle wide open…would not idle. so, pull the carb….and it was FILTHY AND GUMMED UP INSIDE….something terrible. had to soak the carb to get it clean….got the carb kit and all assembled, but i ran out of time…will install it monday, and see if it lives…
i doubt the owner will want a gas tank….its over $110, and may not be available…they stopped making robin / subaru engines a few years ago
but on these small engines, they rely on fuel tank pressure and a sealed, pressurized fuel system…with a pinhole in the tank, it may not run properly… :doubt:
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By blueturbofly
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so, the guy picked up his dirt auger yesterday…and was not happy that he had to pay another bill…plus he was mad that it didnt start the instant he pulled on the recoil …that it didnt start, without priming the carb, or turning it on… :laugh:
i told him, that he would not have been called, if it wasnt fixed and running…

so, at first, he refused to take it, saying it wasnt fixed…he pulled and pulled on the recoil, no start…then i mention about priming the carb, and the kill switch…
so, he primes the carb, twice…. not enough to bring the fuel from the tank to the carb…i could not see fuel in the fuel lines yet…so he yanks on it a few more times, then tells me its not fixed….he passes the auger to me, and i press the primer bulb until i can feel it fill up / see fuel passing thru the fuel lines…like 10 15 times-and on the second pull it fired right up.
but then he still didnt want to take it. i passed it back to him, he shut if off, and restarted it at least 3 times and held it at full throttle each time, but then he was still worried about getting it home and it not starting…
i told him that i did the best i could do for it.

he was mad, because '‘i just had it in last fall ’' :-o THAT WAS A YEAR AGO !! and he even admitted to it just sitting all year, with gas in it…
of course it will need a carb job, if you let it sit all year not being used…the jets are tiny in those small carbs and get plugged easily, from bad fuel to garbage in the tank…the fuel filter doesnt stop all of it…

so, i was done dealing with him. i walked up front, and sent both bosses back there to deal with him. they gave him the complete run-down on the bill, and then the one boss told him that '‘ maybe we just cant meet your level of expectations for a repair shop, and you should find someone else to fix your stuff ’'…nice.
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