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By blueturbofly
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so, short of doing an oil change in my shop all other work has been suspended for now... :o
waiting on other companies time-frames to get stuff done. one week wait for the spray-foam, then when they came out they had issues with their powerplant, then they ran out of chemical- only got half-way up the walls with the spray foam. :evil:
then my overhead door had issues-had to call a guy out for that.
called a guy out for estimate for blown-in insulation for the shop (and house- need to do a few things to get that done)
bought a new overhead furnace. bought 2-56'' ceiling fans. new outside led lights (installed already, wiring ran for them)
ran wiring thru the studs for 20 amp outdoor plug-ins.
added bracing and ''pusher'' springs to the overhead door track.
all the other electrical will be thru emt tubing, to be done after the walls and ceiling are done.
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yup, very empty before the job starts....
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By blueturbofly
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they are going to be out tomorrow to finish the spray-foam job. even their supplier was out of chemical :shock:

even with the walls only done 1/2 way up I notice a difference.
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By Swifterthanu
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Nice! We should start a thread so that members can post their "man" caves. I remember when Phil (Pacapo) called me up from Cabazon, CA to tell me he had purchased a property that had a garage that was big enough to fit his entire collection of 7(?) vehicles in.
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By blueturbofly
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that's the finished product. made the shop really stiff,no air can pass thru the walls now. 3 inches of foam.
now to put up some backing for the poly and tin to attach to. will be borrowing a manlift to get that job done.
somewhat sidelined myself, had to go to emergency to get a piece of steel out of my eye this morning. :roll:
very tiny piece of steel, must have made it past my glasses :x
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By blueturbofly
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shop parts are piling up quickly, cant get the manlift this week-end, but there are other things that I can get done. bought some lighting for in the shop, 8-4' dual tube led fixtures, for over and under the mezzanine. trying to buy what I need when its on sale...these lights were $38 each.
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By blueturbofly
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another long week-end, no manlift yet....but still doing other things around the shop. waiting on home depot (I hate that fucking place) but they are the only place that have the proper gable end vents that I need. they had 3, I need 4. been waiting almost 3 weeks for the forth one to arrive. no other store in my ''zone'' have the vents I need....
Calgary stores show stock, but they are not in my ''zone'' (but Regina sk is?) and they cant transfer a vent from a store if its not in their ''zone''
for fucks sake Calgary is three hours away send one to medicine hat for a paying customer ignore your stupid fucked up ''rules'' and ''zones''
if that vent is not here by the end of the week I will drive to Calgary, get the vent I need, then go back to the medicine hat home depot, get my money back (cuz I have already paid for the 4th vent ) and proceed to tell them that they are a useless home reno company with even more useless people hired to only tell you that they don't work in this department...
was there yesterday looking for some lights, 1st guy in the lighting department I ask tells me'' its not my department''
next guy I ask disappears for almost 10 minutes, brings me a print-out of LAST WEEKS SALE FLYER, NOT THE CURRENT ONE
then proceeds to tell me that'' I am only a stock counter,i know nothing about this department or where stuff is'' :x
then I go to customer service, to ask about my vent. girl behind counter rolls her eyes, gets off her phone, goes over to the computer , punches in my phone #, tells me its not in. I ask her when its expected to arrive....
she is not sure, it depends on how many are allocated to what ''zone'' needs them the most....WTF HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE FUCKING ''ZONE'' SPEECH AGAIN :lol: :evil: :roll:

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