Discussion on anything swift related. Got a new whip? Spotted a swift somewhere? Just want to shoot the breeze about your cars?
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By fireflyse
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Rageous wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 11:17 pm

Hmm that’s an odd one.

Spent 6 hours today removing exhaust manifold, turbo, down pipe. Had to work those nuts ever so carefully,

Had a few studs work loose.
Got a new felpro exhaust gasket.

Have to wait till tomorrow to get some high heat thread locker. Never dealt with studs unthreading before, hopefully can double nut the stud to install it again.

Have the manifold machined in the gasket area
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By gt4tified
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Not one f*#k because I can’t seem to find a 12mm depth socket to fit my head to remove the ARP headstuds that went in there six years ago. Since I can’t find it, I’m almost sure it’s at my ex-gf’s place where I left $500 worth of tools that she never returned when we broke up 3 years ago. Side note…do you guys remember what model and/or year BMW those ARP headstuds that work on the G13b DOHC are from? Need to purchase another set in the future for another engine I’m building.
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