Discussion on anything swift related. Got a new whip? Spotted a swift somewhere? Just want to shoot the breeze about your cars?
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By 1992Poddy
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Ok I know this is a copy of a thread on another forum I'm on but I'd thought I'd see if we can get some traction.

For me its I got my little beastly to pass emissions. That and I took it for a celebratory cruise while I plan her mod list for next year.
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By fireflyse
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Putting another turbo in my fly today.
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By fireflyse
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Only briefly, as I carry the second turbo to the shop in Casper ;)
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By blueturbofly
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installed led oval park/signal lamps in the bumper, replacing the oem crappy signal lamps. ran a wire so they are parklamps as well.
changed the signal flasher to an ''led'' compatible one. installed led bulbs in the fender corner markers.
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By jamalspelling
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OK, so I didn't actually do this today,
but I did it recently during some maintenance,
and it counts because I haven't fired it up yet or taken
her out of the garage yet because the checklist of
repairs have not been completed.
So I made a new bracket, (the old one broke) for my oil separator
on the PCV line. Anyone with a MK1 T3 knows you need 2 oil
separators, 1 for the PCV line and 1 for the V/C to Turbo inlet.
It will not only help keep the TB & I/C free from oil residue which
collects debris from oil passing through the TB, but also the inners
of the intake manifold clean by collecting oil prior to passing through
the PCV which affects internal contamination of the intake ducting manifold
via the PCV duct into the intake, post throttle body. At $99 each from
'Jeg's or Summit', they're pricey for the little oil separator canisters, and custom adaptation is required,
but worth the investment in the long run (add in the piping adaptors).
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i have a few extra 1.3 twin cam parts...

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