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By blueturbofly
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oh and a lawnmower came in, that a guy won on ‘bidding battles’ on facebook…and guess what ? it doesnt run :laugh:
he paid $75, installed new spark plug, air filter and gas, still wont run. max the customer wants to spend on it is $75

wal- mart sells a new basic gas mower for $194…WITH WARRANTY….did i mention NEW ? i think i mentioned it is new ;-)

and its not even a nice mower the guy bought from FACECRACK…its a plain-jane mower that is missing parts…
i find that facecrack is even worse than kijiji or auctions, for people peddling their junk. i have had quite a few people bring in stuff that they bought from facecrack, that needed serious work. from power tools to lawn equipment.
and who do you go back to when the item you bought is junk? take a hard look at the idiot in the mirror. if it is an item that you KNOW FOR A FACT is good, or easily repairable youreself, go ahead and buy it.other than that,
facebook is a place for people to pawn off their junk-and spout out b.s.
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By blueturbofly
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geez, hardly 2 days in at work, 3 mowers with the blades on wrong…INCLUDING the facebook mower… :laugh:
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By blueturbofly
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had a come-back yesterday….'‘i just had it here’' she says….it ran, but not the greatest…remove and check carb, its clean…check oil, hardly any in the engine, and jet black what was left in there…the mower blade had chunks out of it, deck was very dirty underneath…turns out it was a fouled spark plug making it run bad…
umm-the previous tag on the mower has the date of MARCH 21…thats a little past the 30 day warranty…

billed her for an oil change and spark plug, and ½ hour in total for labor….
she claimed she only used it 3 times…that engine should smoke badly, having that little amount of oil left in it…but it didnt.

then she pulled the '‘ i am a single elderly woman’' card
so what? what does your position in life have to do with this? plus you were almost 3 months past the warranty….you just trying to get something for free? complaining that you are retired , on a fixed income, single woman, but drive a $65,000 + Lincoln ? really? i feel SO sorry for you…. :bored:
always something interesting..

only 5 days behind on invoices…not to bad. ;-) last year, when i started this job, they were 5 WEEKS behind….the guy doing mowers was a real clock watcher, as soon as it was break time, he would drop what he was doing, and not lift a finger until break was over…he would be ready for lunch at 11:45, leave for the hour lunch break, and be back in the door just as the clock struck 1….THEN proceed to get ready to go back to work, that took another 15 minutes…
if i work thru a break, big deal. i eat my lunch at work, then putter on whatever i am working on….the entire job is like a break to me, compared to my old job…and there is some humor involved as well :P
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By blueturbofly
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had 2 mowers come back yesterday…one, complaint of start then no restart, the other, no spark…?

the first one may need a new carb. i have already cleaned it 3 times, this time i left it in the good soak overnight. its a fairly new mower, and lately i have seen more carb imperfections on the newer mowers…
the other mower ? someone else had it apart since i worked on it…i put marks on certain nuts/ bolts when i have a feeling that a customer / mower is going to be an issue…
pulled all the covers, pulled the flywheel, kill switch wire to coil shorted out…but you couldnt see the damage, the wire goes under the flywheel.
so it ran, but not the greatest…check the oil, it is grey, not gold or black :-o grey oil means internal engine damage….
i got it running better, but it still had a random knock / noise…the rpm was adjusted to 4000 :-o majority of push mowers are 2800 rpm + or - 50 rpm….so yeah, someone '‘turned her up’' by bending the governor spring mount….that would explain the grey oil, to much rpm for an oil slinger engine..
then the customer picked it up, and mentions that the guy he bought it from (for $150) told him the engine is worn… :-/
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By blueturbofly
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well, that one mower didnt need a carb…deep cleaned , no difference…checked valve lash, thats good…did the spark test and it seemed intermittent…
so i dug thru the buckets of coils until i found a match…well, a close enough match…installed, and it fired up and didnt stutter one bit !
let it run for half an hour, with at least 5 stops and restarts, no issues….FINALLY
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By blueturbofly
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i see it as a challenge to fix these small engines…to diagnose and repair…like the suzuki engines…

had a pressure washer yesterday…carb was filthy…small vertical shaft '‘yamaha powerstroke’' only 3 years old, but damn that carb was plugged up..
turn the gas off, let it run until it dies, then remove the bowl drain side bolt….but alot of people dont do that. and alot of carbs/ engines dont have carb drains/ fuel shut-offs. like they were designed to be a problem…
try to tell people NOT to use dyed gas….good luck. its usually the cheap farmer that wants his water pump fixed, but shows up driving a $80,xxx + truck , pulling a $40, xxx+ stock trailer…and then has the gall to ask if it can be fixed asap, '‘ the heat is here and my lagoon for my cattle is dry’'
it is the same every summer. it gets hot. bring your pumps in earlier in the year, get them serviced ahead of time, DO NOT USE PURPLE FUEL !!

same goes for snow-blowers. dont wait until you need it, to see if it will run…
but hey, it keeps me busy ;-)
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By blueturbofly
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a mower came back on friday, that i had worked on thursday…wont start..
helped the owner take it out of the van, gave it a pull, looked down, turn the gas on, another pull and it fired up.
mentioned to the owner that the gas was turned off…he didnt even know there was a gas shut-off on his mower…. :x
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By blueturbofly
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i have 3 garden tractors in various stages of repair…waiting for parts for all of them. mower deck parts for the two, and a carb for the 3rd.
the carb arrived yesterday, ($250) so that one is almost done…just need to wash the engine/ tractor off.

its amazing how abused and dirty the lawntractors are, that come in…bad spindles, blades, belts, pulleys, etc…but the customer INSISTS that it was ok when it came in…then, why is it here? there can be alot wrong with the mower deck parts, but you cant hear the noise over the screaming engine…
one tractor had so much dirt in the frame , that the drive pedal wouldnt fully engage the drive belt….owner could have fixed that.
plus needs blades, replaced one deck spindle (bent shaft), belts and now front tires..
other tractor- owner TRIED to fix a deck spindle, wrecked the shaft itself…didnt tighten the double pulley enough, stripped the splines on pulleys and shaft…parts are back-ordered until ???

the tractor that needs a carb has only 90 hours on it… :-o looks more like 500 hours….all the spindle hubs for the blade side are damaged from blades being ran loose…but i am sure the customer doesnt want to spend another $250…so i made sure the blades were on the hub properly , slathered orange loc-tite on the threads , then hammered on the retaining nuts until the ½ impact stopped moving… ;-)
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By blueturbofly
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well, the one tractor has governor issues….HOPEFULLY its external adjustments, and not an internal exploded governor assembly…this customer already has dumped alot of parts into this unit… :-o

adjusted governor, now runs properly, for the most part….the engine is getting worn.
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By blueturbofly
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a rototiller is back, that i worked on last year….bent pushrod on exhaust, damaged cam follower….tried a new pushrod, had the valve lash backed off, bent another pushrod ??? then checked the valve movement, intake had full travel, but the exhaust valve was hanging up….turned out the bronze guide had come loose and was wedged under the valve spring, where you couldnt see it…limiting the valve travel, and bending pushrods.

it was in last year , the carb was leaking fuel into the cylinder , hydrolocked and bent the intake pushrod….

upon removing the cylinder head, it is damaged beyond repair. the guide has been hammered around on the aluminum head , and the valve spring has dug into the aluminum ( no seats under the valve springs) needs a cylinder head.

$226 for a cylinder head complete kit….but then there is shop mark-up…

all part prices get doubled plus 10% , then labor , then shop supplies, and freight… :-o

it makes me feel guilty, like i am ripping the customer off….but i am just an employee….it makes me feel sick how they rip people off…

sometimes when customers dont get stuff fixed, i will talk to them without the boss around, tell them a few options they can try, and no, i wont work on side stuff for customers…
and the parts guy aint much help either….if it isnt on any of his parts sites, you cant get parts for it. end of story. i am always second guessing his searches for parts, when he says that there are '‘no parts available’'….off to google i go 8-) and usually i can find parts…

i could have bought this business, i know it would have been ran better, but the extra added stress would not be worth it…i already was in business years ago, and customers are assholes…no matter what you would do for them, it was never good enough…
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