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He has to dump anything he can’t sell.
Location: Tumwater, Washington.
I’ve posted an ad on Craig’s List for his stuff here. ... 78067.html

Note: Please contact him by text, specifying the part’s you’re looking for. If you do an email reply to that ad instead, it’ll be delayed, as I’m the one who posted it for him and I’m going to be outside( and offline) a lot today, doing another A/C install (ugh!!) in my “new” 1994 Metro.
Oooh… I’ve been distracted lately. Sorry to not see your post until now.
TJ had a bunch of stuff hauled off already, but I’ll PM you with his phone number.
By shifter base, are you talking the shift lever & linkage going up to the transmission?
I texted TJ last night and he confirmed what I seemed to recall…
“Gone, gone, gone.”
I ALMOST grabbed a set of linkages when we loaded them into the hulk of his rolled Swift but I figured that since I didn’t recall seeing anyone needing to replace those parts on their car, I’d probably never need one for myself.
I’m so sorry I didn’t grab a set… this is going to haunt me because you missed your opportunity by only a couple of weeks. :-(

Sometimes, I can be as thick as a brick and this has been one of those occasions. When it comes to solutions to problems, all too often I’m more of a crock-pot that has to simmer than an instant-on microwave.

There’s another possibility to soothe my conscience: Another solution to your dilemma:
My original ride from the Team Swift days, Copper Top, is toast. It’s been sitting next to the house since last year after mixing it up with a cable barrier in a highway median.
It had to be towed home because of the damage to the back wheel. Given how badly bent the steel rim and lower control arm are, I’m surprised it wasn’t completely ripped off the car.

The issue is, the shift linkage is still in the car and I’ve been trying to button up the AC “plumbing” (from TJ’s Swift) that I’ve been installing in a 94 XFI that I bought as Copper Top’s successor. Sealing up the A/C lines and insulating them from vibrating against the body, before the winter weather hits.

I don’t have a garage, so both Metros are sitting out in the weather which has already started to dump rain here in western Washington.
I can start pulling the shift linkage as soon as I get the XFI AC ready for the road and can start driving the XFI again(it’s been off the road for over a month, maybe two, but I’ve got weather, work, other warm-weather-only projects and energy levels to contend with.

Can I pull it this weekend? Possibly, but if not, it might take another week before I can get it out - and then there’s the issue of figuring out how to ship it to you. Never done something like that before… and I’m open to advice on how to do that!
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